When it comes to luxury retailers 99.9% will allow you to come in with your dog. (Louis Vuitton, Anya HindmarchBurberry,  Loro Piana, Rolex, Cartier, Boodles, Mikimoto & the like) So feel free to shop and browse all up and down Old & New Bond Street and Sloane Street without a care in the world.

Most retail shops will allow you to walk in with your pup, I would say walk in like you haven’t got a care in the world! if they don’t allow dogs they will let you know. Some places will only allow dogs if they are carried or in a bag.

We have only been turned away at Harrods, Marks & Spencer , John Lewis &  Uniqlo in all our time shopping together. There was a high profile court battle regarding an incident with security guards at Harvey Nichols in 2013 so our advice is go to Selfridges instead !

Bank buildings in London all seem to have guide dogs only signs on their doors. But I haven’t ever been turned away from any number of different banks with Amelia. Banks are dog friendly ! Don’t believe the signs on the doors !

Here are shops Amelia and I have visited that we didn’t think would be be dog friendly but turned out to be just that!  ♥

Burlington Arcade
Debenhams (dogs must be carried)
Selfridges (Carry your dog or put in a bag!)
Fortnum & Mason
House of Fraser

If you are looking for wonderful pet shops to visit with your dog or to bring a gift back home to your dog from London we suggest you visit

Mungo & Maud 


Pet Pavilion 

Bow wow London

UK pets Company