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What is cold pressed dog food ?
Cold pressing is still a fairly recent innovation in the world of dry dog food. Cold pressing is a manufacturing processing that does not use high temperature cooking or steam, with this comes the benefit that it retains more if its natural nutritional value.

Why is it different to heat extruded food?
Cold pressing provides a natural way of preserving nutrients that are essential for a dog’s growth, digestion and good health. The bite sized pieces do not swell inside a dog’s stomach as it starts to break down; releasing the natural goodness. The food completely breaks down within 15 minutes allowing your pup to absorb all the nutrients and vitamins needed for a balanced diet.

Unlike most dry foods for dogs Forthglade’s cold pressed recipes don’t contain any junk or fillers to bulk them out, and the grain free recipes use vegetables and fruit in place of grains to give dogs a nutritionally balanced diet. The recipes contain 32.5% Chicken or Duck – many heat extruded dry foods on the market contain less, and often use large amounts of meat derivatives which are difficult to digest and don’t always deliver the protein your dog needs to stay fit and well.


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How is cold pressed cooked?

Cold pressed food uses low temperatures to press the ingredients together. A few ingredients need to be cooked prior to the cold pressing process, such as the protein source and vegetables, to ensure that all bacteria has been removed and the food is safe for dogs to eat.
How does this cooking method differ from how most dry dogs foods are cooked?
Most dry foods for dogs contain animal derivatives and fillers which actually have limited nutritional benefit, artificial preservatives and flavours are often added too. The cooking process usually involves heating these ingredients to a high temperature more than once, meaning that much of the natural goodness originally contained within the ingredients is lost.

Forthglade cold pressed dry food uses a mix of tasty good quality ingredients and rather than heating all the ingredients together, they are a mixed with fresh and thermally pre-treated ingredients, then pressed all together at a low temperature. The pressure of the press is what creates each delicious bite-sized piece and as no additional heat is used during the pressing process much of the natural goodness is retained.

No junk or fillers are used in Forthglade’s recipes, so pet owners can be confident on feeding a healthy, nutritionally balanced, easily digestible meal – which won’t cause bloating.

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What else do the recipes contain, to support great health for dogs?
All of the cold pressed recipes contain vitamins to support a dog’s health including glucosamine and chondroitin – used to support joints and bones.

What does cold pressed actually look like?
The bite sized pieces are roughly 1-2 cm in length and are tubular in shape. For smaller or older dogs, or even puppies who may prefer soft food, a little warm water can be added to the pieces to soften them, to resemble more of a paste.

How does cold pressed compare in price?
Although cold pressed is a little more expensive than heat extruded food, less food tends to be needed because of the nutritional content in cold pressed in comparison.

Is cold pressed a complete or complementary meal?
It can be both. Forthglade’s cold pressed recipes contain everything a dog requires to stay happy and healthy , so nothing else need be added. However many dog owners like to mix food, so it can also be the perfect companion to Forthglade’s Just complementary meals. Cold pressed can be used for treat too, but as with all treats, take note of amount being shared, so as not to over feed dogs.

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