Cloud 7 Travel Bed

cloud 7 berlin by Eva Espresso Photography

Amelia is small enough for the bed to turn into a warm cocoon!!

Cloud 7 Brings You The Most Stylish Pet Travel Bed

Cloud 7 Berlin has been a brand I’ve admired from afar since being introduced to it by @PrincessNalaTheFirst !! We finally saw the products in person at Love My Human on Kings Road! Totally fell in love and we were over the moon when Cloud 7 agreed to let us review their products !!!!

Safe to say we have both been having a brilliant time running around town with our new travel bed! It’s actually got a permanent spot on our sofa at home as well – Amelia LOVES sleeping on it !!!!!!!

Cloud 7 dog bed modelled by amelia the cat

SO stylish! I don’t mind carrying it around for Amelia at all

Eva Espresso and Ameliathecav

My little snuggler

cloud 7 travel bed review

Big enough to share with friends !!!!

 A new friend came to check it out too !

cloud 7 by ameliathecav

New friends

cloud 7 travel bed review

Transform cold wire chairs into snuggly armchairs !



The Cloud 7 travel bed is designed to the smallest of details be perfect!

  1. It’s got two handy side pockets for carrying little things like dog treats, poop bags etc!
  2. You can carry it like a bag – and it looks stylish!
  3. It can also be rolled it/fit it into another bag ! It doesn’t take up much space at all.
  4. Lambs wool makes it truly warm and snuggly.
  5. If your dog is small like Amelia – you can literally make it into a snuggly cave for them!
  6. The ties at the side are super secure
  7. It’s easy to maintain and keep clean – as it’s made of natural materials.

To read all it’s wonderful qualities and features click here for the product page!

amelia the can reviews cloud 7 Berlin

Sleeping in public made easy !! 😀

cloud 7 travel bed

Watch the world go by

cloud 7 travel bed review by eva and amelia's world

Details !!


It was love at first sight !

eva espresso and amelia the cav

Amelia loves it so much she refused to get up!!!


Absolutely in love with this travel bed. It keeps Amelia snuggled and warm when we stay outside at cafes and it’s easy for me to bring along! It’s so snuggly Amelia prefers it to my lap – a very rare phenomena !

I can’t recommend this versatile travel bed bag enough !!

You can see their website here !


Eva & Amelia ♥

(We received our travel bed as a gift from Cloud 7)



  1. November 23, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    Love this bed, it looks so snuggly! Great photos as always 🐾

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