NEW Forthglade Mini Treats

Fortglade treats for Amelia the cav

NEW Forthglade mini treats

 Forthglade mini training treats !

I’d been hearing about the future release of these treats for months !! SO excited they are finally here ! In our two favourite flavours too! Cheese, apple, blueberry and Strawberry & carob !! A perfect addition to any Forglade order! Big bags for home snacks & little mini training treats for on the go! What a perfect combination !

forthglade mini treats

Perfect little hearts

A Happy Surprise!

My heart always breaks when I’m eating something I can’t share with Amelia. It’s so nice to have treats in my pocket so she doesn’t feel left out! I’m not saying she doesn’t still want some of my cake haha !!!! But it sure does make the whole sitting down for coffee and cake scenario feel a lot fairer if she has her own treats too!

amelia loves forthglade mini training treats

Perfect to have in your pocket incase your doggy gets food envy!!!

peggy porschen and eva and amelia's world

Pink perfection

Perfect mid photoshoot treat !

As much as Amelia is a perfect model – it always helps to have a few treats !! Lets face it – she deserves them all! It keeps her little face happy and just because your dog is perfectly behaved you shouldn’t take it for granted! Amelia gets ever so happy when I pull out some surprise snacks from my pocket!

fortglade mini treats

Mid photoshoot incentives!


curious !!

Forthglade mini treats !


& its gone !!

forthglade mini training treats

Always room for a few more!

For us these new small packages are a life saver! I used to always struggle taking out the larger Forthglade treat bags in my pocket! Now I grab one of these and barely notice I’m carrying anything at all!

1 bag £1.50

 Pack of 9 bags  £12.99 


Eva & Amelia ♥

( & Forthglade) 


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