I’m Teaching Photography !!

eva espresso teaching for The photo academy London

What a group !!!!!!

Teaching for The Photo Academy

Before I began taking photos I was doing my masters in economics in order to progress to a PhD and become a lecturer! I’ve always had a side job as an editor of peoples dissertations –  going through peoples work and helping them improve has always been something I’ve loved! As I stumbled into photography head first without a degree it never occurred to me I would get to teach in this field. It’s an aspect thats made me a little sad from day 1!

So you can imagine my shock and excitement when The Photo Academy approached me about becoming one of their teachers! I had ran into their now PR rep at Wulf & Lamb with Amelia months and months ago! Apparently our chat had left an impression and she remembered me all these months later. My first photo walk for the company was a great success with over 80 signups and 50+ attendees! Previously the maximum has been 20!!!!

Now I’m completing my training & will get to teach two courses & continue teaching on photo walks too! What a dream come true!

eva espresso

Behind the lens! Captured by Emma Li

Eva espresso photographer

First time teaching !

Eva espresso photography

St Lukes Mews

eva espresso photographer

Amelia was a pro assistant !

 Instagram friends !

Now – considering over 50 people turned up! I can’t post photos of everyone. Along with my regular friends – Emma Li, City Dog Expert & Holly from Teddy Maximus we had a couple of super special people turn up! Firstly Emily who is a friend of James ( @London_Fitness_Guy) one of my favourite models – it was so lovely to have someone come who found us through me as a photographer as opposed to through Amelia!

The biggest surprise of the day was that our beautiful friend @linneathecav came from Germany! One of our sweetest and most loyal followers happened to be visiting in London and came along! It really made my day!

eva espresso

@Emily_halliday1 & @Ralphythemaltipoo

eva espresso photographer

Our dear Instagram friends came from Germany !! @linneathecav

Pastels & Puppies

A beautiful collection of images that perfectly captured the photo walk!

eva espresso for the photo academy london

The whole photo walk captured beautifully by one of the attendees !

The wonderful part was being able to welcome everyone – even those who primarily use an iPhone to capture images! In fact – mastering the use of portrait mode properly is quite tricky! I certainly learned along with those I was helping during the day!

eva espresso for the photo academy london

Lessons in iphoneography & portrait mode!

I can’t wait to announce the next photo walk & two very exciting courses!


Eva & Amelia ♥




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