Keeping calm with Zylkene

zylkene chews to calm your dog

Hanging out together safe from fireworks

NEW Zylkene Chews Just In Time For Fireworks Season

Personally I hate fireworks !!! It’s far more likely that I’ll be the one jumping at each bang than Amelia – but it is a stressful time for all dogs whether they show it or now! We as humans at least know what is happening. Dogs and all animals on the other hand have no way of knowing what is going on.

Zylkene is a well known supplement to help keep your dog calm. Since it’s launch in 2008 it’s become a well respected aid in helping pets keep calm in times of need. It’s composed of natural ingredients – being derived from casein, a protein found in milk. Casein is known to promote relaxation of new borns after breastfeeding.

Zylkene originally launched in capsule form – in which it can still be purchased. However their new chews are all the rage! Amelia accidentally ate one mid photoshoot already! They taste amazing.

You can use Zylkene in the short and long term! If you know your dog will be in a stressful situation on a given day – start giving the chews two days prior! In the long term – just given them 1 chew a day to promote relaxation daily for anxious little pups!

zylkene dog chews

Tasty chewy tablets !!

zylkene dog chews for Amelia

Happy together

When we received our Zylkene chews they had included some human candy for me too hehe! Literally made my day – Amelia and I will be cuddling up together away from fireworks this autumn.

Vetoquinol is a tried and tested brand for us – we have used many of their products and are very proud to endorse yet another – Zylkene. I am so careful with what I give Amelia – and skeptical of everything !!! Of all the supplements we’ve been asked to post about – this was the one we chose as the best !

Click here to see their website & find a stockist ! 


Eva & Amelia ♥

 Sponsored by Vetoquinol


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