Forthglade – Wholesome British Dog Food

Forthglade chicken flavoured food with Ameliathecav

Amelia & her prized forthglade food !!

Amelia loves Forthglade

So here we are back on the blog! It has in fact been… 3 months I think since we last posted!!! Gosh you know when we started this blog we used to put up 3 posts a week !!! I’m sorry for the silence – in truth my focus has been entirely on my photography business – ! Which to my surprise has taken on a life of it’s own! I even moved away from pet photography to families, sports and lifestyle blogger work !!! Though I am still very much enjoying working with people & their pets! Not to mention Amelia still has her photo taken daily for our instagram feed & stories in particular!!

SO what’s in store today?

I wanted to hop on here & write a little about one of our new favourite brands – Forthglade. You may recall our little review of their treats months and months ago – found here. Since the treats went down so well with little Amelia I was curious about their food. We had a lot of messages from people saying their dogs were being fed Forthglade & how much they loved it!! In fact it was only a month or so ago when I found out one of my best pals in London fed her two cavaliers Forthglade as well !! It seems to be a understated crowd favourite!

Forthglade X Ameliathecav

Amelia knocked the packet over to get into her food!!

They have a large variety of flavours – which I love as Amelia gets bored! I can only tell you that atm she LOVES chicken.. but I’m sure as the weather changes so will her taste buds and she will want another variety haha!!

Not only do they make cold pressed food that comes with grain free & grain “full” ( hehe ) options – the food itself comes in small bite size pieces perfect for little Amelia. She does prefer wet food – so Forthglade has these fantastic trays of complementary dog food in their “just” range. They are 90% meat and perfect to mix in with their cold pressed food! So both I & Amelia can have what wed like for her to eat!! If you want to feed your dog entirely on wet food – they do also stock complete meals !

Most of their food is made in Devon & having spoken to their team myself – I absolutely adore them! The food is also affordable – which makes a nice change in this market !!

amelia the cav eating forthglade food


I hope you’ve enjoyed our little blog post! I’m hoping to post a lot more regularly now, It’s just been so incredibly busy with my photography business! Amelia’s Instagram is still updated daily though so I hope you’ll be keeping up with us there !

( @Ameliathecav )

So to discover Forthglade for yourself please click here !


Eva & Amelia ♥


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