NEW Teddy Maximus Collection

teddy maximus new neutrals

Elan Cafe with our new Teddy Maximus look!

 Teddy Maximus – Everyday Luxury Range

Something super super exciting !!!! Teddy Maximus has two entirely new ranges & new saddle bags!!

NEW black saddle bag! 

NEW Neutrals Range 

NEW Art Deco Collection

Have a click of the above to browse and drool!!!!! Quite excitingly these new additions are a little bit more affordable! Part of the new “everyday luxury” collection .. not that you would be able to tell… Personally can’t get over the new neutrals range!!! Total heaven. Below are some photos we were taking while testing the collections out!

teddy maximus saddle bag

New Black Grain saddle bag!

teddy maximus neutrals range

Completely obsessed with the new biscuit colour in the neutrals range

teddy maximus pineapple

Pineapple loving !!!

teddy maximus art deco

LOVED this print part of the art deco range!

Teddy Maximus Art Deco

The pink collar was incredible on Amelia !

teddy maximus art deco

Art Deco Bandana !

teddy maximus neutrals range

Beautiful leather/fabric combo !

What could be a better way to cheer up your summer look than getting something new from Teddy Maximus?


Eva & Amelia ♥


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