Saint Aymes – The New Peggy Porschen

saint aymes dog friendly review

Amelia looking her most perfect self !


I would honestly describe Saint Aymes as the new Peggy Porschen. Through no fault of their own Peggy Porschen has become such a tourist hot spot they cannot accommodate clients in the same locally friendly manner that they once used to. I’ve heard quite a few people having problems sitting inside with their dog (including comments left here on the blog) – I haven’t experienced this myself but I can only assume this has been due to their small shop being so incredibly busy.

But not to despair !! There is more than one flower decorated shop in London serving incredible cupcakes !! Now I have to apologise in advance this blog has been a draft since APRIL!!!!! I’ve been so busy trying to keep up with my photography clients I haven’t had a moment to sit down and write up this blog! SO here we are 3 months later… better late than never right?

saint aymes dog friendly review

A “new Peggy Porschen”

If the beautiful purple flower display outside didn’t make your heart jump perhaps the pink rose/peony walls inside will!!!  There are 3 flower walls inside the shop you can take beautiful photos next to! And don’t even worry – the owner of the cafe is the sweetest girl I’ve ever met. Instead of being inconvenienced by her clients wanting to take perfect photos for instagram she comes to help! She also LOVES dogs… dogs are not only allowed in – they are truly welcome! She has even arranged for beautiful dog beds for visitors!

saint aymes dog friendly review

Beautiful flower walls inside

saint aymes dog friendly

They even have very regal dog beds inside !!

Saint Aymes review

Amelia was right at home!!

The Cakes

Of course it’s not only about looks!! It’s also very much about taste. Here I feel like a lousy blogger – I’ve captured lots of photos on my iPhone for instagram stories over the last few months when we have visited but I don’t have many for the blog here. My deepest apologies and please do see her website here for more pictures and instagram of course!!

The cafe has beautiful cupcakes in everyone’s favourite colours and my personal favourite ! Rainbow cake hehe thats so delicious I wish I could have some everyday. Not to mention the incredible chocolate that the cafe is truly known for.

Last but not least are the incredible drinks!!!!! Again… I apologise for lack of my own photos – do stalk over on the instagram to get some visuals! Unicorn lattes that come in various colours!!

Saint Aymes review

The most delicious cupcakes

Saint Aymes

Yummy Yummy

As a new cafe they aren’t yet so busy that you would have to queue to sit – so we really cannot recommend Saint Aymes enough for a wonderful & relaxing cake date!!


Eva & Amelia ♥


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