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“you are going to clean my eyes???”

Frontline Pet Care brought to you by Animed Direct

Here we are again with Animed Direct! Our favourite one stop shop for all you could need for your pet! This time we are talking a little more about Frontline Pet Care and their amazing range of hygiene products for your dogs!

We got to pick some of our favourites to review here for you!


AH! What a sigh of relief. I washed Amelia with this Frontline Pet Care Long Coat Shampoo & her ears didn’t tangle up!! Usually they have a tendency to get very tangled after baths – I think a lot Cavaliers might have this same issue!

I had very low expectations of this shampoo & I’ve been blown away. It’s easy to hold & squeeze out – but the shampoo doesn’t drop out unless you press the bottle!!

The smell is very clean and light, Amelia feels like a soft cloud now after having had her bath!

Highly recommend giving it a go! 

frontline long coat shampoo

Amelia was as soft as a cloud after this !!

frontline pet care long coat shampoo review

Super easy to use!

Eye Cleaner

A product we’ve never used before ! After having used Frontline’s eye cleaner and seen how refreshed Amelia’s eyes looked (see below) I started using it more regularly. Amelia gets little hairs sticking into the direction of her eye & popping some of this on a cotton wool pad & just redirecting the hairs out of her eyes visibly made her feel more comfortable!

frontline eye cleaner

Sorry to disappoint Amelia – it’s not a treat!!


The face of a girl who had her eye’s cleaned for the first time!

Ear Cleaner

FINALLY! I have been having endless issues with Amelia’s ears getting full of brown gunk. Doesn’t matter how I clean more and more keeps coming up. With Frontline’s ear cleaner you can easily dribble some into the ear, massage it & wipe clean! It’s honestly made all the difference for us!

frontline pet care review

Ear Cleaning Time!

Little Luxurious Extras!

For those pampered pooches like Amelia! Some top up goodies to keep them going during the week!

Frontline pet care review

Top up products !


All in all we have been blown away! We came to this blog without a single expectation & are leaving as very happy customers having reviewed these products!

Animed Direct is the PERFECT place to order all you could desire for your pet!


Eva & Amelia ♥

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  1. August 30, 2018 / 9:37 am

    I really like those products too. Especially shampoos.

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