10 Questions with Protect My Pet

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10 Questions with Protect My Pet

1. What inspired you to set up Protect My Pet?

Protect My Pet was inspired by a true desire to improve the lives of animals. My entire career has been dedicated to animal health, starting in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry before qualifying as a veterinary physiotherapist. Working with vets and owners gave me a real insight to some of the concerns they shared about how best to keep pets healthy.

Keeping cats and dogs free of parasites is one of the first steps in protecting them from potential illness and disease. From working closely with vets I know they continue to see thousands of cases of parasites each year despite the availability of effective products on the market.

To help with this problem I wanted to make it easier for owners to stay on top of their pet’s preventative health care with a new, hassle-free approach. I am a huge fan of the convenience of subscription box services and realised that a monthly tailored health box would be the perfect solution to keeping pets parasite free. Protect My Pet was born.

2. How does your subscription service differ from others on the market?

We are the only company to offer a completely tailored year-round plan for your pet that includes branded flea and worming treatments.

3. Do we need to worry about fleas and ticks all year round?

Yes. The life cycle of a flea involves an egg, larva, pupa and adult, it is only the adult female that will live on your pet, using their blood as a food source. The female flea will lay up to fifty eggs a day, these eggs do not stick to the coat but slide off into the environment, anywhere your pet spends a lot of time, typically in bedding, carpet, or the garden.

These eggs develop into larvae then form a protective cocoon for themselves, they will hatch into adults when the temperature and conditions are right. Indoors this life cycle can continue year round due to central heating, but those pupae in the outdoor environment need to wait until temperatures rise, which is why we see a rise in flea problems during the summer.

4. How customisable is your service?

We understand that every pet is unique and so each of our boxes are tailored for your pet’s individual needs. To ensure we provide optimal parasite control we customise your box with the best product, frequency, and dosage after collecting some information about your pet. Our service is designed to adapt to your pet’s changing needs, such as growing puppies and kittens.

For households with more that one pet we offer multi-pet boxes, each pet receives their own dispensing envelope with their required treatment inside.

5. Can someone order your boxes as a one-off?

We do not offer our health boxes as a one-time order as our goal is to provide a convenient way to ensure consistent parasite protection. We believe parasite control should not be administered as a one-off, rather pets should be protected all year round.

The subscription is commitment-free, meaning owners are free to cancel or change their health plan at any time simply by logging into their online account.

Gift boxes may be ordered as a one-time purchase, these boxes do not contain parasite control products.

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6. Are you able to be purchased as a gift for someone else?

Yes, we have many customers who sign up friends or other family members for a health box subscription, particularly as a gift when a new puppy or kitten is welcomed into the world. The gift of health!

We do lovely gift boxes too – packed with toys, treats, and accessories and tailored to the individual pet. We sell these on our own website as well as on Amazon.

7. You partner with some amazing companies! What’s your general ethos for your partnerships?

We like to introduce our pet owners to new and exciting brands through our collaborations. We only select partners that share our ethos of providing high-quality products to improve the lives of pets whilst remaining environmentally friendly. Seasonal gifts may include tasty and natural treats, useful accessories, or additional pet health care items such as natural shampoo or dental products.

8. Are your boxes recyclable?

At Protect My Pet we care deeply about the environment and all our packaging is not only 100% recyclable but the card we use is made from forests that are managed sustainably.

All toys and healthy treats selected for our gift boxes are eco-conscious and ethically sourced.

9. How common are fleas and ticks nowadays?

Fleas are extremely common, with almost 60% of cats and dogs having had at least one reported flea infestation during their lives. Our climate is changing to become increasingly warm and wet with mild winters. These changes mean flea infestations are becoming increasingly prevalent as more fleas thrive in outdoor environments on wildlife and untreated pets.

It is estimated that at any one time 7% of cats and dogs have an active tick infestation. Ticks have traditionally been a concern in the milder spring and summer months, however the changing climate is allowing increasing numbers

of ticks to survive the winter, with recent data showing that ticks are now being found on pets throughout the year in most parts of the country.

10. What’s in store for Protect my Pet this year?

2018 is set to be a busy year for Protect My Pet. As demand for our subscription boxes grows we are planning to increase the selection of products we offer. We shall also be introducing a programme to reward our long-standing customers for their on-going loyalty.

We know our customers are dedicated to keeping their pets happy and healthy, so we shall be providing monthly educational blogs and health tips written by vets. More partnerships shall be formed with new brands, to introduce our customers to some of the most innovative, high-quality products available for their pet.

Beyond this year, we are always thinking of new ways to improve the lives of pets and their owners and have lots of exciting plans for the future.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know this amazing company as much as we have! To find out more visit

Protect My Pet’s website by clicking here!


Eva & Amelia ♥


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