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As essential as my morning coffee!

V-Pet by Vodafone

*Ad. This post was written in collaboration with Vodafone to promote the launch of ‘V-Pet’, however all views and opinions shared are my own.*

Kippy Vita s in partnership with V by Vodafone has brought something extraordinary to the market. V-Pet by Vodafone is not only an excellent activity tracker for your dog – it’s also has GPS tracking meaning you can always find your pet even when they aren’t near by*. You can even set up safe zones and have it alert if your dog wanders out of it!

This kind of technology is something I’ve only ever dreamt of, I never thought it would become an affordable reality. The device itself is around the same price as other activity monitors on the market £55 & you pay a mere £4 a month for your V-sim subscription!

That’s the same price as 1 bottle of water in restaurants. For such a small investment I can finally have total peace of mind when I’m outside with Amelia. She of course is mostly found within 1 metre of me, however sometimes she does run after a squirrel and I worry she won’t find her way back to me.

Having had this device for about a month now… I can’t imagine not having it. I can check up on Amelia with the same ease as ordering an Uber! It has become as essential to me as my morning coffee. I’ve never felt so anxiety free before – and I am sure it’s making Amelia a lot more relaxed too! She can enjoy our walks that much more without me being overbearing!!

V Pet by Vodafone review by eva and amelia's world

Amelia may be eyeing her next adventure, but I’ll be able to see where she goes !

V pet by Kippy Vita review

Fits on her collar perfectly!

V pet

On my phone with all the essential apps!

While all of these smart products that are considered part of the “internet of things” are revolutionising the way we go about our days in many ways, getting to track Amelia via GPS has been a dream come true for me. I can now fully relax when Amelia is off the lead in the park with me. Much like the peace of mind I feel when I’m able to see what she gets up to when I’m not at home via a camera in my apartment.

I wholeheartedly cannot recommend this enough to every pet owner out there. We no longer have to imagine never losing our pet when out for a walk. Finally the technology is here that we can track them down in an instant.

Click here to learn more about V-Pet! 


Eva & Amelia ♥

Sponsored by V by Vodafone

* Terms apply. V by Vodafone products and services are exclusive to Vodafone consumer mobile customers. For full functionality: a 30-day V-SIM plan, Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal are required. V by Vodafone products (except V-Auto) must be activated via the V by Vodafone app (available on Android and iOS devices only). Your 30-day plan provides access to the Kippy app and service. If you cancel or suspend your plan you will no longer be able to access the Kippy app or service. Full terms and details at https://shop.v.vodafone.com.

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