Our Escape Out Of London

Marine Malhouitre

Marine Malhouitre & all our puppies Bambi, Queenie, Mini & Amelia !

We Escaped The City to St Georges Hill

OK… So not a massive get away! Just a little pop in to see my best friend in this world Marine and her puppies! Amelia & I got to escape the city fumes for a quiet walk around the beautiful golf course which spreads across the gated community. We have been super quiet here on the blog… Sometimes the inspiration & motivation just isn’t there anymore. Mostly I seem to be running around trying to keep up with my photography venture still. Hoping things will calm down soon & we can get back to posting about our favourite cafes around town! We have a few in our sights already !!

Enjoy the photos !!!


Marine Malhouitre

Golfers at large !

Marine Malhouitre

Getting all the puppies ready to go!

Marine Malhouitre

Finding our way around

Marine Malhouitre

Marine and Bambi <3

Marine Malhouitre

fresh air !

Marine Malhouitre

I met bambi when we were in high school together with Marine! Her original love!

Marine Malhouitre

4 of my fav cuties !

Eva Annikki Thompson

Wondering around

Marine Malhouitre

leading the way

07808019222 eva.a.thompson@hotmail.com

Hehe.. OK we might have spent the whole time taking selfies!

Marine Malhouitre

All the pups were tired after our long walk around!

It’s amazing how even a day out of the city can make such a big difference!


Eva & Amelia ♥


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