Flexadin Advanced Joint Supplement | Part 2

flexadin advanced trial

two months ago!

A look back at our 60 day trial !

Amelia & I agreed to do a two month trial of Flexadin Advanced Joint Supplements for Amelia! I had concerns over Amelia’s new found stiffness and clicky lower back! If you want to read the original post do click here!

Key Ingredients of Flexadin Advanced Joint Supplements

Most traditional joint supplements in market contains Glucosamine or chondroitin. Flexadin advanced is made from a unique formula that contains 3 key ingredients UC-II®, Omega-3 and Vitamin E. The efficacy of UC-II® has been tested in several animal and human studies with positive results, showing an enhancement in daily activities and suggesting an improvement in their quality of life.

doga with Ameliathecav

Photograph by Camilla Caplin Photography

Our Thoughts!

I can definitely see a difference in Amelia! She no longer does these stiff stretches like she used to! We have both been running together a lot more and even trying “doga” haha ! Yoga with your dog… funniest thing we have ever tried to capture in photographs!

All in all… it’s been a great treat for her to have in the mornings! It’s helped her become more mobile! I really can’t complain at all! It’s definitely worth a try ! At it’s worst –  your dog gets a healthy treat! At it’s best – your dog feels more mobile and happy to bounce through life!

What’s there to lose and there could be so much to gain!

Click here to get on their website and learn about their loyalty points too !

doga with ameliathecav

Photograph by Camilla Caplin Photography

So ! It appears to be working out for us! By us I of course mean just Amelia but I am also happy to report I’ve kept on track with my own fitness regime too !

Please do check back in on our first post with Flexadin Advanced to read more!


Eva & Amelia ♥


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  1. April 24, 2018 / 8:34 am

    This is fab Eva, I love the photo of you doing the crab! Well done! I think I might try some of this myself!

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