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rockster superfood review by ameliathecav

Amelia’s favourite recipe

 Boeuf Du Cap

Amelia has been thriving on Rockster superfood! Each of their recipes are designed to naturally aid your dogs health in different ways! For the past month or so Amelia has been favouring their beef recipe. Bio-organic beef with Spirulina designed to help aid your dogs eyesight and healthy immune system.

While Amelia isn’t a rescue dog I do keep hearing about rescue dog stories. One thing that gets mentioned again and again is how street dogs will naturally select good food out of rubbish. Given the choice of healthy food & unhealthy food  they will select that which is better for them. (rather unlike children hehe)

Rockster food was originally created for the family’s rescue dog called Rockster who refused to eat commercial dog food. He was selecting food that would be healthy for himself to eat – and what has only recently come to light through movies like “pet fooled” about the state of the dog food industry, wasn’t know back then. In hindsight it’s all become clear.

beef recipe by the rockster

beef lover !

Beef lover

Amelia has been on Rockster food for a quite some time now and I’ve found it very amusing how she picks what recipe she is in the mood for. She has runny eyes and a heart murmur – I wonder if she feels healthiest herself when she is eating their beef recipe?

It’s an amazing recipe with 82% single protein human grade bio certified organic beef. (What a mouthful !!!) The recipe further contains bio organic superfoods such as quinoa, pumpkin and spirulina. All of their recipes contain fermented Jerusalem artichoke that is naturally pre-biotic for gut health!  They also add in bio organic salmon oil full of Omega 3 & 6 oils!

To top it all off – the food is made in Germany & packaged in BPA free packaging !

Tadaa !

What else could a pup want to be happy & healthy ?

the rockster beef superfood

Kisses before tucking into lunch!

Whatever the reason behind Amelia’s love of beef… I’m just glad she’s become such an enthusiastic little eater !!

R0ckster’s beef recipe can be checked out here if your pup would like to give it a try too!


Eva & Amelia ♥


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