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yumega itchy dog supplement review for animed direct

Amelia & Pernilla ready to try out YuMEGA

YuMEGA Itchy Dog Supplement by Lintbells brought to you by Animed Direct

We have been trying out YuMEGA’s Itchy Dog Supplement! The UK’s No1 Veterinary skincare supplement. Packed with natural Omega 3 & 6 oils sourced from premium sources and added vitamin E to help sooth skin prone to itchiness.

I’ve only ever given Amelia one other supplement, it’s not something I’ve ever been overly keen on. However her sensitive skin has become more of a concern as she is growing older and we have been delighted with YuMEGA. Sensitive skin can so easily become red and itchy without much aggravation.

YuMEGA Itchy Dog is proven to calm sensitive skin & reduce itching and scratching by supporting skin health.


  • Cold-Pressed Salmon Oil – Omega 3
  • Starflower (Borage) – GLA
  • Linoleic Acid – Omega 6
  • Golden Flaxeed – Omega 3
  • Antioxidant Vitamin E
YUMEGA itchy dog supplement review animed direct

Itchy Dog Supplement by YUMEGA

All Natural

While other supplements may contain artificial flavourings to entice your dog to eat them – YuMEGA is entirely natural and Amelia couldn’t be stopped from licking it! She was quite literally licking the bottle, the cap, any dripping! Nothing was stopping her from getting her itchy dog oil fix haha!

Feeding Guide

The official instructions were to add this to her food and of course we wouldn’t advocate giving this supplement to your dog in any other way! However in truth we haven’t ever done that. Amelia is so excited when the bottle comes out she just wants to lick the oil directly from the cap as a treat. Though – especially if you feed your dog kibble I can just imagine how wonderful this oil would be for them on the food!

It’s very easy to use & you only need to put a small amount making this very cost effective especially if you opt for the 500ml bottle! Small dogs like Amelia ( up to 10kg ) only need 2.5ml a day. So your 500ml bottle would last 200 days!!!

YuMEGA 500ml is £18.32 

YuMEGA 250ml is £12.34

yumega itchy dog supplement

Amelia was really enthusiastic !

yumega itchy dog supplement review

Even licking the bottle!!!!

This is our second blog with Animed Direct! A fantastic website containing all you could need for your pet! I personally compare it to Amazon but purely for pets! What’s more is that they are able to sell products for the cheapest available retail price! While they are also a brilliant retail store they have a fantastic subscription service. If you have a repeat prescription for your dog you could save money & hassle by getting your dogs medication delivered by them each month.

I mentioned previously as well how shocked I was at the products available to purchase at Animed Direct! Not only are they the exact same product that we find at boutiques in Chelsea – but they have more variety!

It really does feel like Amazon.co.uk  – but for pets! In summary absolutely amazing I urge you all to click in! I wish I’d heard of them sooner!!



Eva & Amelia ♥

Sponsored by Animed Direct


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