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danish design bed at animeddirect

Amelia enjoying her Danish Design bed!

Danish Design delivered to you by Animed Direct

Before going further I wanted to make a little side note about the photographs! They look pretty cool right? I was worried about how to bring the bed to life so you could really get a feel of it! I had my new 24mm 1.4 lens on the camera when I picked it up and decided to give it a go with product photos! Totally amazed at how they came out!! BUT anyway… to the point!

I hadn’t heard of Animed Direct prior to them contacting me, something I feel a little silly about in hindsight. They offer a fantastic one stop online shop for all you could possibly need! What’s even more surprising is that their utilitarian website design is very misleading. When you land on their page you’d never expect to find the same items you would at boutique pet shops.

From big brands like FrontLine, KONG & major dog food companies to fashion companies like Hurtta & Danish Design! What’s more is you can also buy your dogs medication through Animed! It’s a very clever online store that will leave you longing for little else!

I spent what seemed like a full afternoon clicking through again and again finding new avenues within their online store! Because of their scale they are also able to offer some of the best prices on the market for the very same products you’d pick up at your local pet store!

animed direct

Hey Everyone !

SO ! About the bed!

The biggest surprise of them all! Considering the low price point of £34.89 I wasn’t expecting much from our Danish Design Box Duvet bed. We were asked what we wanted to try out and for us – there was nothing better than a brand new bed!

Now full disclosure most of you will know that at night Amelia sleeps on my pillow haha! However during the day she loves hanging out in her own spots around the flat! In particular having this mattress styled day bed for her has been amazing! When we come home from a walk she runs right over to spend some alone time chewing on her tennis ball haha!

It’s simple yet thought out design has made it perfect for everyday use! The cover can be removed and the fabric is soft yet durable! The check pattern is very soothing for almost any interior! It’s technically two sided – so on one side you have the Danish Design logo but you can flip it so it isn’t visible.

Amelia has loved it! Snoozing off on it & enjoying playing with her toys on it during the day!

A total 10/10! With an added bonus of being very light weight & it’s shape makes it easy to store behind a door for example should you want to tidy up the space!

danish design bed

snoozing away!

danish design bed

Removable cover

animed direct danish design

Cosy mattress in essence!

danish design animed direct

Really lovely & spacious for Amelia even with it being a medium!

Final thoughts…

Amazing to think that there is the equivalent of Amazon just for pet product out there and I never knew! A one stop shop with excellent customer service and fast delivery! While their primary aim is to cut the overall cost of pet care by delivering a streamlined service with all our best loved brands they haven’t lost the importance of quality!

Direct link to our top pick from Danish Designs can be found by clicking here!


To have a look directly on Animed Direct please click here!


Eva & Amelia ♥

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