Meet Barbara – founder of Soopa Pets!

soopa pets founder


Interview with Barbara – Founder of Soopa Pets

This is an exciting one! SO excited to share an interview with Barbara – the founder of Soopa Pets who make incredible plant based dog treats you can eat as well ! I was lucky enough to get to take some product photos for them and Amelia fell in love with their treats!

1. We would love to hear more about the ‘Soopa Story’! 

I started Soopa pets in my kitchen back in 2013 after being shocked

to meet so many doggie customers suffering with weight, allergy and
other health issues. I did a lot of research and soon learnt that many
of these health issues were a direct cause from feeding commercial pet
foods. I wanted to offer dog owners a super healthy pet food range
they could give to their dog guilt free that was low calorie,
nutritious and also delicious. I knew dogs loved fresh fruit and
vegetables so I got to work and after lots of time spent in kitchen
and much trials and testing the Soopa chew was born. We have been
working hard since and recently added dental sticks, training treats
and nutritional boosters to the soopa range. Soopa is all about
creating delicious and super nutritious pet foods in fun and
innovative ways. Health happy pets is our mission and I only create
products I would fed my dog Lily.

2. Would love to hear a little bit more about what you got up to in life before starting Soopa Pets?

Before Soopa pets I worked as a sales consultant in a very high
pressured job which never felt like my calling. In 2008 I decided to
leave the rat race and move to Zimbabwe where I volunteered on a Lion
rehabilitation program (ALERT). On my return home I made the decision
to combine my love of animals with running my own business and I’ve
been very lucky to make this dream a reality.

3. You include incredible superfood ingredients in the treats! Could you tell us more?

Superfoods are what Soopa is all about! Superfoods have so many amazing health benefits for dogs including coconut oil which helps promote healthy skin and coat and flaxseed is fantastic for doggies digestion. The idea behind soopa is to create products that are not only tasty but full of wonderful enzymes and phytonutrients these fantastic superfoods offer.


soopa dog treats

Soopa Treats

4. Amelia & I were fighting over the coconut treats! They taste amazing for humans too! Are all your treats human edible?

YES! the coconut are 100% delicious and made to human grade so you can share with your pet! The papaya and sweet potato are also human

grade but perhaps a little too chewy!

5. I found the Papaya treats really helped with Amelia’s digestion! Is this the intention behind them?

You’re right all our products are made using fruits and vegetables because they have a high fibre content which helps promote healthy digestion especially Papaya due to  proteolytic enzyme that helps breakdown proteins in the gut.

6. What inspired you to create such natural yet fun dog treats?

On a serious note pet obesity is on the increase with 50% of dogs now in the UK being classed as overweight. The market seems to be saturated with unhealthy meat-based treats full of artificial
ingredients and other nasties that’s where the inspiration came for
Soopa. I want to create treats pet owners can feed their pets guilt
free knowing they are feeding the very best in pet nutrition.

soopa pets dog treats

Sweet Potato !

7. Where do you manufacture Soopa pet treats?

100% vegan rawhide chews are made in Vietnam in a human grade
facility using only the best human grade ingredients. The chews are
handmade by picking the best fruit and vegetables, chopping and
air-drying to give you the best quality chews we can. The soopa dental
sticks and healthy bites range are made in Ireland using locally
sourced ingredients and our new topping range is made in Italy.

8. Where can Soopa treats be purchased?

Soup products are available in independent pet stores, Pets Corner
stores and also online

9. Whats in store for Soopa for 2018?

We are working on some exciting new dental sticks and healthy bites flavours! Also a 100% plant based rawhide alternative so stay tuned!!

soopa pets dog treats

Amelia enjoying her papaya snack!


We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Barbara & the Soopa pets brand a little better! They are Amelia’s newest and most unexpected favourite treats! Bring on the coconut flakes!!


Eva & Amelia ♥


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