Forthglade Functional Dog Treats Range

forth glade review by ameliathecav

Forthglade makes the loveliest heart shaped treats !

Functional Treats

We have been having the best time trying out Forthglades full treats range! Including the limited edition love treats they brought out for Valentines Day pictured on the landing page! Forthglade pride themselves for being a British company making all their treats in Devon! They set up shop 45 years ago and have continued to produce wholesome food and treats for dogs ever since!

At only £2.99 a bag their treats are (I would say) the best value for money treats on the market! Each bag comes packed with heart shaped treats that are easy to snap in half! Whats more you can choose “the function” of the treats and pick flavours accordingly!

While not a concern for Amelia & I, all of the Forthglade treats are grain free !

forthglade functional dog treats review

My FAV ones!! Amelia has better breath than most guys with these 😉

forthglade functional dog treats review

Blueberry & Apple Hearts !!!!

forthglade review by ameliathecav

Amelia loves the calming ones !

training treats by forthglade

“OK so can we start training now?”

forthglade treats review

Too good to leave on the table !

I have to admit I had to pop into our local pet shop to buy more bags after Forthglade had sent us some.. because Amelia accidentally ate two bags before I got around to taking any photos haha! When we are out shopping for treats I pick up the fresh breath & calming ones! It’s hard to say what ones Amelia likes the most per say, they are all fantastic!

I’d recommend buying one of each and seeing how you get on! They last for long time and don’t go stale!

( Well.. they last for a long time unless you own a dog like Amelia with big puppy eyes fully capable of eating the whole bag in 1 day! hehe)


Eva & Amelia ♥


behind the scenes !


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