10 Questions with Milo’s Dog Running

milos dog running interview

The Pack!

 10 Questions with Milo’s Dog Running

 Meet Milo & Cam who run Milo’s Dog Running! A company well known in London for a superior service! Even Amelia my little city girl LOVED joining their pack! There are a rare few people I would trust with Amelia. Milo & Cam are two guy I would trust blindly after having gotten to know them at various PR events over the past year and even joining them for a few runs!

milos dog running interview

Cam & Milo

1. How did Milo’s Dog Running start?
Milo’s dog running started just under 2 years ago, in 2016 February to be exact. The reason I started it was for my love of dogs, of course, and i decided to introduce running to the dog world was because I understood the limitations of dog walks and doggy day care pens from first hand experience at my previous job, plus I love to run which always helps. It all started with Walter, a cockapoo! I would cycle every morning into Chelsea to pick up my first client, take him to Battersea Park and do our run there. That was me done for the day haha, after that i would proceed to try and spread the word which i found much more difficult then i expected. At first I would meet various people in the park with there dogs and ask if they would be interested in having their dog run. I did some flyering with the help of a few of my friends, and most importantly I used social media, Instagram! Now we’re taking over.

2. What is dog running?

Dog running is the best way to exercise your dog. Dogs are up there with fittest species on earth so walking is often not as beneficial as people think for many breeds. Most dogs need a good run to get the cardiovascular exercise they require. Dog running is getting out there and having fun with your dog, but also covering a bit of distance!
3. What’s a typical day like for the pack?
Early start
6:45am – On Wimbledon common to start their warm up walk and roam. Sniffing, exploring. Time to get the senses going.
8:15am – Run time. 7.5km circuit around the common.
9ish (a bit earlier if you run as fast as me!) Drop offs or back to the dog house.
They eat, then sleep. They need around 17hrs of sleep a day so after the above you can imagine they don’t want or need to do much more exercise. They sleep on the sofa or in their beds for the majority of there time but otherwise as you would expect they socialise with each other and have a bit of a play.
3pm walk before they go home for an hour to stretch the legs, do what they need to do and socialise a bit more with other dogs in the park.
These are just day care pack dogs, Cams all over London most of the day doing 1 on 1s….

4. Could you tell us a bit more about yourselves! Milo & Cam!

Milo – I’m a dog man, always have been always will be. I love running, I love weekends…. and I love sleeping.
Cam – A scholar and businessman. Also a keen runner. He’s doing around 3 runs a day on average and covered 22 miles a day last month.

5. Tell us about some of the most interesting dogs you’ve had join the pack!

For me Ada has to be my most interesting dog as I have seen. On her very first day she came to London I popped over to greet her owners but more importantly meet her, coincidentally that day was my birthday. Ada is a Rhodesian Ridgeback so as you can imagine they are not the easiest dogs to train. Her time with me has been amazing I absolutely adore her, she has however had her problems along the way. She became a rather nervous dog and had a tendency to bark at strangers or nip at some dogs. This went on for a lengthy period but the more time she spent with the pack, the more this dissipated and I can happily say she is now a very well behaved young female, and truly one of a kind.

6. From what areas can you pick up dogs for a run with you?

Knightsbridge/ Kensington/ Chelsea/ Fulham/ Putney/ Wandsworth/ Battersea/ Clapham.
We also do one on ones all over London.

7. What would you say are your core values?

Activeness/ Fun/ Friendliness/ Freeness/ Discipline
First and most importantly, we run for a reason. Activeness is key to keeping a dog stimulated (not bored) and most importantly healthy in London. Our dogs are always off lead when running and when they are exploring. When called they must return, and they must not be aggressive. The values above are implemented into their lives daily which is why they are so happy and healthy, they are free dogs when they are with us (apart from when called!)
8.You are brilliant! I think everyone would like to know a little more about your pricing!
We offer so many services, as we try cater to whatever our clients needs.
For the early morning run, pick up at 6am, drop off at 10:00am it averages £35.
For the morning run, pick up at 8:00am, drop off 11:00am it averages at £30.
One on one services for dogs that need it average at £45.
Day care averages £50.
Boarding £65
I say average because prices decrease if you use us frequently.
9. Can you offer customised services for particularly difficult dogs?
Yes of course. Cam’s been working with a patterdale terrier who has aggressive tendencies at them moment. He’s introduced a few rules to the owner and combined with the run the dog has improved drastically. We don’t pretend to be trainers, and it’s important to say we are not qualified trainers, but we do know dogs, and we know running is great for relieving stress and anxiety which many dogs suffer from. Cam’s worked with elite protection dogs, dogs too big for packs, everything. One on one…. whatever your dog needs.
10. Whats in store for Milos Dog Running in 2018?
Day care centre ! Coming soon!!
milos dog running interview

A happy client!

Early Mornings

I headed out to Wimbledon Common for 8am to meet Milo & Cam to capture dog running in action! Below are some hazy December morning shots!

milos dog running interview

Run Run Run

milos dog running interview


milos dog running interview

Dogs loving life!

Check out Milo’s Dog running here!


Eva & Amelia ♥



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  1. Monique and Balou
    March 7, 2018 / 5:13 pm

    Love the blog! Although Balou is small, we love to run together!

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