10 Questions with Bianca Major

bianca major nutritionist

Bianca Major with The Rockster dogs!

10 Question with one of only two qualified pet nutritionists in the country!

We have had the great pleasure of getting to know Bianca through the team at Rockster dog food! Her incredible passion for the health of our dogs shines through in every conversation! We are so excited to have here on the 10 Questions with series to talk about nutrition!

1. What inspired you to study nutrition ?

When working in practise I became aware of how pet food was created. From managing my own health (I have Crohn’s Disease) via nutrition it made me begin to question what we were feeding our pets. It seemed crazy to me that the ‘supposedly best’ diets on the market were so highly processed containing ingredients that weren’t evolutionary, species appropriate. The more research I did the more my interest grew and consequently I realise that I had transformed my own health and I wanted to be able do that for animals too!

2. Why is preventative healthcare important?

I am a firm believer that food really is the foundation of health and if you can lay a quality foundation the whole immune function of the animal is stronger. If we translate how we as humans feel if we constantly eat poor quality foods it effects our health, our behaviour and general wellbeing; in-fact a study was done into the microbiome of a human who ate only one type of commercial take-away for a month, consequently it dramatically effected the persons health and their microbiome negatively. Feeding our animals the same diet day in day out that is highly processed, with poor quality ingredient will have the same negative effects on our pets health.

3. You have joined the Rockster team after working for a large raw food company in the UK ! What drove you to switch?

I am a huge supporter of improving nutrition within the pet food industry, and we have seen the beginnings of some good changes and improvements in the past few years.  The current wet food area of the market is very poor and Rockster food is leading the way in creating a new standard of food to the market. Designing a premium food is great fun and being able to freely formulate, whilst knowing the sourcing is of a high standard is extremely exciting. To be able to provide a new, high quality form of nutrition for owners to feed their dogs is much needed within the non-frozen market, whilst it also challenges other companies to increase their standards.

4. Gut health is at the centre of your philosophy, why do you feel it’s so important ?

The gut is highly important in maintaining health and preventing disease. In humans we call it the second brain because it is not only fundamental in assisting in digestion of food, it can also control how our pets feel, producing vitamins and minerals but it is also acts as a protective barrier from toxins, pathogens, viruses, carcinogens, bad bacteria and allergens. So the gut is hugely important in it role for health in our pets.

5. Rockster dog food is prebiotic – could you explain this further ?

Rockster food uniquely contains fermented Jerusalem artichoke which acts as a prebiotic on the gut. A prebiotic promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms within the intestines, the fact that it is also fermented is wonderful as fermented foods naturally are packed with probiotic bacteria so it’s really a great addition for gut health.

6.  It’s been suggested that adding Rockster Food as a  small part of a dogs diet can be beneficial. Could you elaborate on this?

Research has shown that even a handful of fresh foods to a poor quality diet can decrease certain cancer rates dramatically. Rockster’s high quality ingredients and superfoods can naturally be used to improve diet quality either as an addition or used as a full time complete diet.

7. For people currently feeding raw, what would you like to say about Rockster ?

I am still a huge advocate of Raw diets, I support all diets that focus on optimum nutrition. Rockster is a great alternative for raw feeders who are wanting to add in extra diversity, or have forgotten to defrost their food, or when travelling with your dog when raw food can’t easily be fed.

8. Should canine and human nutrition be treated the same way?

There are obviously some huge differences between our dogs and us and their nutritional needs. However, I support the humanisation of improvements to the pet food industry. We should be challenging the way we feed our pets and proactively trying to do the best we can for optimal nutrition.

9. How has Rockster revolutionised the market for pet food ?

Rockster is challenging the pet food industry by using the highest sourced bio-organic foods, it uniquely has diversity through every product throughout its range, utilising superfood like sea buckthorn, milk thistle oil and fermented Jerusalem artichoke which as far as I am aware haven’t been used in a commercial pet food before.

10. Why is Rockster’s bio certification significant ?

Bio-organic is a well know standard in Europe but it isn’t hugely common within the UK. To simplify it, it is better than UK organic standards for the use of hormones, antibiotics, hormones, chemicals and pesticides. So Rockster is truly trying to source the best most natural ingredients for the health of your pets!
ameliathecav eats rockster dog food

Amelia was reading up on the health benefits of Rockster hehe

Thanks to Rockster  you can now have a consultation with Bianca Major free of charge through a form on their website! Bianca welcomes you to ask her questions regarding your dogs diet and health through the form that can be found through the link below!
Eva & Amelia ♥

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