Flexadin Advanced Joint Supplement | Part 1

flexadin advanced review

Day 1 !

We have embarked on a two month trial!

I can’t believe Amelia is about to turn 6 years old on the 1st of March! As she is getting older her health has become more of a concern for me. I’ve never agreed to try any supplements before – however I’m excited for our two month trial of Flexadin Advanced! Amelia has a little click sound in her hips and I had been considering supplements for a while when Vetoquinol contacted us! We have agreed to try the supplements for two months & then return here on the blog to tell you what we think!

Flexadin Advanced Joint Supplement

What I really like is how simple the packaging is! You get a bag of 30 or 60 chews! You just give one to your dog once a day like you would a treat! It’s not made overly complicated with having to pop them out of the foil like with worming tablets (my only other edible supplement experience with Amelia) ! We have a bag of 60 for our two month trial!

Key Ingredients

Most traditional joint supplements in market contains Glucosamine or chondroitin. Flexadin advanced is made from a unique formula that contains 3 key ingredients UC-II®, Omega-3 and Vitamin E. The efficacy of UC-II® has been tested in several animal and human studies with positive results, showing an enhancement in daily activities and suggesting an improvement in their quality of life.


A user friendly supplement that’s easy to give! With Flexadin Advanced you just give 1 chew per day regardless the weight of your dog.

What further simplifies the process is that there is no initial loading phase required, which means you don’t need to double the number of chews given to your dog for the first 4-6 weeks like you may find with some other supplements.

You can read further about Flexadin Advanced on their website by clicking here !

 Our First Thoughts…

Amelia loves eating them! Personally not a fan of the smell but Amelia is in love! I never thought feeding a supplement would be so easy! Amelia won’t even eat the edible worming tablets!! But with these it’s like I’m feeding her chicken slices or something!

flexadin advanced trial

Smells amazing ! ( In Amelia’s view that is…)

 Our Lifestyle…

Things have changed quite a bit this past year! I’ve turned to the gym to try and find a balance in life! This has meant that our cafe sitting days are being split by jogging! If there is cake – there must be a run!

Amelia has been doing great! Keeping up with our slightly more active lifestyle! She does of course get tired little legs being so little! I’m hoping her supplement will help us run better together too!

We are both still getting the hang of how much we can do before we burn out!

flexadin advanced review by eva and amelia's world

Ready for our run!

So here we are in week one ! Vetoquinol have told us it takes 60 days to take effect – so after our two month trial we will write a second blog post to to tell you how we found the supplement & if it had any effects on Amelia’s mobility!

So far all I can note is that Amelia loves eating her daily supplement! It’s an extra treat in her day!


Eva & Amelia ♥

Sponsored by Vetoquinol

ameliathecav flexadin advanced

Can’t wait to tell you how it goes !



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