Casper Dog Bed

casper dog bed

Sunday Morning

Our New Casper Dog Bed

We were sent a Casper dog bed for Amelia to try out! We have only had it for a week – which means we still have 93 days until the 100 day trial is over. Thats right !! Even the dog bed comes with it’s own trial guarantee. If your dog doesn’t love it after 100 nights – you can return it.

I’d seen a lot of the grey/blue ones on Instagram & I didn’t really love the look of them. Until I saw this sand coloured one!! Oh my goodness I love it! Just the right colours. Another cool aspect is that she can jump on there with wet paws and in a few moments the stains have dried away!! If it does further get dirty the covers are fully machine washable.

Pretty doggy proof whatever your lifestyle!

Amelia has been really chuffed with it! We have a size small & it’s just the right size. If you saw our Instagram stories when it arrived you’d have seen Amelia’s over joyed reaction to it!

casper dog bed

Fortglade dog treats in bed

I didn’t particularly love how it came in the post though. It’s packed in a Casper mattress box & you have to put the cushions in the covers yourself. I guess I was comparing it to other high end beds that of course come assembled. That to me is the only downfall. It only took me .. 120-200 seconds to put it together though. Otherwise I think it’s brilliant! I’d say you need a blanket or something in there too, just to make it warmer!

Check out Casper dog beds here!


Eva & Amelia ♥


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