Our New Superfood Diet

rockster superfood

Amelia would love everyone’s attention to talk about her new diet!

The Rockster Superfood

One of the fantastic things that has come out of blogging has been the opportunity to try quite literally almost every single dog food brand on the market. When Amelia began to have problems with digesting her food I was overwhelmed with sales pitches. Every dog food company will have one or two reasons as to why their food is superior to the next. We were about to give up on dog food & go down the path of raw feeding. I’m so glad we didn’t.

It’s been since the autumn that we have been reading up and slowly learning about what truly makes The Rockster dog food different. Not just marketing lines or food format but the fundamental ingredients. When you pick up a can of Rockster dog food every single percentage of the ingredients is listed out. They are all organic bio certified (in essence a stricter version of organic). Not only is the food human grade but it’s actually human edible too. This is where it becomes information over load! Their product completely revolutionises the market, it’s so superior in so many ways that it’s hard to know where to start, what to say first and when to stop talking. Just to add one more point – all of their food is naturally prebiotic & contain natural inulin to help gut health.

I now feel so passionately about Rockster dog food that I want to share more with you slowly over the coming months in little bits. There is SO much that makes this food superior that the information over load can be confusing.

rockster superfood

Amelia & Rockster – Rockster is 18 years old!!

How we got here…

It’s been quite the journey getting here. Amelia has never had much consistency when it comes to dog food – for many reasons! Primarily because she is the fussiest eater you will ever meet, I think she gets bored & likes to have a menu of choice. On occasion I swear from looking at her face when I serve her (last weeks favourite food) she is almost telling me.. “mom this is not what I ordered”.

From the top of my head in her lifetime we have tried… Hill’s Science, Royal Canin, Waitrose foils… surely some Pedigree at some stage too! For a while she was loving Bakers meaty chicken food. But all of these foods severely lack in any nutritional content. Something I’ve only been learning about these past few years!

Then we moved on to the seemingly high end dog food brands! Mc Adams seemed fantastic when I was looking at their packaging however Amelia’s stomach felt otherwise. I’ve never seen so much poop come out of such a little dog. After this we tried various brands including Edgard Cooper which I was sure would be perfect as they had so much variety – but Amelia wouldn’t eat any of it after the first week. I later realised because of it only seeming to be high in nutritional content.

We finally thought we found “the one” – Guru Pet Food. Cold Pressed & seemingly full of healthy add ins! For some months it was all looking amazing! Amelia was eating her Surf & Turf like each meal would be her last. However Amelia began having digestive troubles. It all started with severely impacted anal glands month after month. Then very aggressive burping, she would eat and literally look like she was about to throw up. It took me months to figure out what was wrong, and I never expected it to be our then trusted dog food brand. For whatever reason the food didn’t digest well.

The Diagnosis…

Something I’ve kept whisper quiet both in my private life and here on the blog is Amelia being diagnosed with a stage one heart murmur. While at her ripe age of 5 this isn’t catastrophic, it sure is an eye opener for me. Now more than ever it’s important that Amelia be getting all the nutrients she needs to be fit and healthy. In my panic about her nutrition I turned to my friend who is an expert in the field. She told me about her senior aged dog who is acting like a puppy again since eating Rockster dog food.

Rockster superfood for dogs ameliathecav

Licking the packet clean! Amelia has 2 Pouches a day

Then we met The Rockster Family…

A few weeks later I met Zoe & Sven the couple behind The Rockster Dog Food at a PR event in London. We soon realised that we are in fact neighbours! I was invited over to dinner at their house among others and was there all evening learning about nutrition, dog food manufacturing and The Rockster Story. Their incredible passion for creating the world’s best dog food will capture your heart. What started with an incredible story about their rescue dog Rockster who they took in on their honeymoon & ended up with them combining resources a rare few could to create this brand that will make you realise there is no better food for your dog.

Rockster superfood for dogs

Amelia’s Favourite Flavour: The Taste of London

All I can say is an incredibly thank you to the family behind The Rockster for taking me in when I needed guidance the most & helping me make sure Amelia is getting the best food on the market.

You can visit The Rockster website here if you want to learn more about this incredible superfood.


Eva & Amelia ♥


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