10 Questions With The Creator of Tangle Teezer

pet teezer launch party

Pet Teezer is finally here!

10 Questions with Shaun Pulfrey – The Entrepreneur Behind Tangle Teezer

This is by far the most exciting interview we have had on the blog!! Shaun Pulfrey – the creator of Tangle Teezer has answered some of our questions for you! What makes this interview even more exciting (other than it being with one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK!) is that Shaun champions British manufacturing!

With the launch of Pet Teezer this past month all of our dreams have come true! We can finally regain monopoly over our Tangle Teezers as our pets at long last have their own!  Pet Teezer launched this past month with a house party we were lucky enough to attend with fellow dog bloggers!

One thing is for sure… the Pet Teezer brushes are anything but rebranded versions of the original Tangle Teezers. Shaun will explain further below!

  1. The first question I’m dying to know the answer to is – Do you have a dog of your own Shaun?

Yes, Lucy, she’s a one year old Boston Terrier. I call her my reason for living!

  1. 20 Tangle Teezer hairbrushes are now sold every minute world wide! Did you ever imagine having this level of success with your product? 

I now love saying the stat 40 million hairbrushes sold since launch! I always knew I had a great product that hairdressers and their clients would love (my background is a colourist), so initially only ever saw it in a professional environment when I launched with The Original 10 years ago. The commercial and global love has been a very pleasant surprise.

  1. What prompted the launch of the Pet Teezed just over 10 years after the release of the first human Tangle Teezer?

From when we first launched, people were either tweeting us or tagging us into cute posts brushing their dogs with a Tangle Teezer. So I always knew people were using the hairbrush on their pets. At the time I was building a professional hairbrush brand, so to launch pets at such an early stage would have led to confusing messaging. Now’s the right time, and it couldn’t have gone down better with all those dog lovers out there! We’ve answered their request.

Pet Teezer

Shaun & Lucy at the Pet Teezer Launch Party !

  1. Pet Teezer has launched 2 different brushes, could you explain to us the key differences ?

We’ve launched a de-shedding brush and a detangling brush. The de-shedding brush has slightly stiffer teeth to rake out the loose fur and works right through a double coat. The detangling brush has more flexible teeth that flex and bend through knots to gently detangle and prevent any matting. They’re both a gentle and painless way of grooming.

  1. How do the Pet Teezer brushes differ from the human Tangle Teezers?

The Pet Teezer brushes are very different to The Original. They work on the same two-tier teeth system as the Tangle Teezer detangling brushes, but the teeth are much thicker, sturdier and longer to work with all breeds of dogs. This is so they’re more durable when they’re working with thick, double coats.

  1. Do you feel that Pet Teezer will revolutionise how we brush our pets fur in the same way Tangle Teezer changed the way we think of brushing our hair?

Yes, because we have revolutionary teeth technology that will treat dog coats as gently and confidently as our hairbrushes do with human hair. They’re designed with groomers in mind too – they’re ergonomic so no wrist strain and hollow for easy rinsing. The teeth are plastic which means they’re kinder to the skin, and there’s no chance of brush burn.

  1. Could you give us some examples of dog breeds that would benefit from the combined use of both brushes?

I would say a Pomeranian would be the perfect example of this.  A heavy shedder, but also experiences matting and tangles too. Other breeds might include Alsatians or Chow Chows.

  1. Tangle Teezer’s are manufactured in The UK! Is keeping production within England something you feel passionately about?

It’s a source of pride that we’re supporting British manufacturing and distribute to over 70 countries from the UK

  1. How did you overcome getting rejected at Dragons Den in 2007?

I’m a very optimistic person. I didn’t take it personally, I took their comments on board and moved on. It was great exposure for the hairbrush and ultimately the viewers voted they wanted in. My website crashed after the show with people placing orders.

  1. So many of us in the pet industry are self employed & trying to make it. Could you leave us with some entrepreneurial advice?

Listen to your gut feeling – it never fails you and don’t be afraid to seek help and advice. Lastly, be positive and have fun with your business. I never look at things as a problem, only a problem to be solved.

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De Shedding Brush

De-Tangling Brush




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  1. Susan Perry
    February 23, 2018 / 4:46 pm

    This product does not seem to be available in the US.
    How would I be able to purchase It?

    • Marina
      April 9, 2018 / 2:18 pm

      Same for Italy, i’ve been trying in vane to find it in other online stores/ebay without success… my dog hates to be brushed and is prone to matting and tangles so i’m desperate to try this brush as it seems to be great and painless…

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