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Eva and Amelia’s World by Loquet London

Loquet London have launched a dog charms collection!

This blog has been in the making for many months now! We are so excited to be collaborating with Loquet London to showcase their new dog charms collection!

Their dog charms collection is a special collaboration with The Wild at Heart foundation! With some of the most popular dog breeds featured & 10% of all sales going to help animal welfare!

You may well find there is a charm perfect to fill your hearts desires ready made in their new collection! My best friend has a black Frenchie and I know how much she would love their french bulldog charm!

However if your breed is missing, or you would like to customise your charm it can be arranged too!

We had a rose gold ‘Amelia’ charm made!

How our custom Amelia charm was brought to life

In our case the team were already familiar with Amelia! But I still spoke with Lucy their studio assistant on I think 3 occasions in the end! To fine tune the design of Amelia.

We could have had an enamel pink collar or diamond eye put on but I wanted to keep it simple, all in rose gold!

For me it was important that the charm looked like Amelia, instead of a generic cavalier shape! Amelia is only fluffy on her ears and has a thin tail as a result! A classic cavalier would look a little bit different to her! She also has a really cute facial structure when looking from the side I wanted to make sure it was captured in her charm!

Four weeks later I was told our custom charm was finally ready & on it’s way to us!

loquet london bespoke service

Studio drawing of Amelia prior to production

customised ameliathecav loquet charm

off on an adventure!

cavalier king charles spaniel loquet charm

Amelia brought to life

Finally we have our ‘Eva & Amelia’s World’ Locket!

When the opportunity arose to collaborate with Loquet London I’ve never felt so excited!

Getting to browse their range of charms choosing what theme to go with was so much fun! I landed on this idea of making Eva and Amelia’s World into our locket. Something I can keep to remember this time in my life. I never thought I would be a blogger, and this past year has been full of surprises! Of course I won’t always be a blogger, and I believe years down the line I will look back at this time as the best time of my life!

I chose an enamel E 

Yellow gold & diamond A 

& we have our custom made rose gold Amelia charm 

All in a medium white gold locket!

I’ve attached links above to all the individual charms ! Having now had our locket for some time, I am thinking of adding a diamond heart to it too! Even though it wasn’t in our original plan ! The medium size lockets have plenty of space for lots of charms !

Eva and Amelia's world collaboration with loquet london

Our Loquet Charms

Loquet London collaboration with Ameliathecav

Something to treasure and keep with me forever

Loquet London

My second favourite thing ever to be found in my espresso cup! ( after fresh espresso of course !!)

Eva and Amelia's World Loquet London

Our World

What would you want in your locket?

With so many incredible collections you can create a locket to represent just about anything imaginable!

Find out more on their website here!  

You’ll be seeing a lot more of our locket on Instagram! I’m wearing mine everyday!


Eva & Amelia ♥



  1. Tania Grier
    January 19, 2018 / 10:36 pm

    How charming! The perfect collaboration xx

  2. January 30, 2018 / 4:05 pm

    That is really lovely, very unusual too.

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