2017 – A Year at Peggy Porschen

ameliathecav at peggy porschen

Our very first peggy Porschen Photo !

Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen has developed into an Instagram sensation this year. We were there to photograph their beautiful floral heart display back during the end of January last year! This featured in one of our first blog posts “Valentines Day With Your Dog” that was reposted by Peggy Porschen on their Facebook page boosting our visibility! Later, as their displays got bigger so did the crowds of bloggers who kept arriving to pose outside! Now you’ll have to join the queue to be seated! What a year indeed!

Much of the transformation Peggy Porschen has been experiencing can be applied to our year too seen in our year too! (<- I still struggle writing with the voice of a blogger… not an economist)  I can truthfully say I never imagined myself as a blogger and am still uneasy with the job title! I was just about to rebrand myself as a content creator when Vuelio ranked our blog in the Top 10 blogs in the pet industry of 2017! To me this was a clear sign I need to juggle both – content creation & blogging!

All bloggers keep saying this.. the highs are so high but the lows are so incredibly low. Especially when you’ve made your passion into your full-time job. Just when I want to quit and freak out I can’t make rent next month something ends up landing in my lap! I can’t lie… a massive & I mean massive boost has been the start of my photography business Evagraphy.com. However my entry to the world of content creation was of course through our blog with Amelia!

I have a sneaky feeling that if it weren’t for our love of Peggy Porschen & their boom in popularity this year our blog wouldn’t be what it is today.


Here is a little rewind of their flower displays in 2017!

Valentines Day

For Valentines Day there was no other location we would have settled for!

peggy porschen

The Flower Heart

Eater eggs

(*Tech issues… I couldn’t get the below photo to behave! Sorry for the inconsistent formatting!)

peggy porschen

Beautiful side window flowers appeared

peggy porschen

The florals spread inside too!

We Celebrated reaching 6k followers on Instagram with a beautiful cake made by Peggy Porschen! In the following weeks we celebrated Amelia’s 5th Birthday inside! After enjoying these milestones at Peggy Porschen & getting to know their incredible team we truly felt at home when in their cafe.

The rest of the year was spent meeting with companies, friends & fellow bloggers at Peggy Porschen! People ask us if we can go to “that pink cafe in all your photos!”. I dare say we didn’t have more than a handful of meetings outside of Peggy Porschen in 2017!

The reach of our Peggy Porschen signature photos truly set in when a company in America sent us products to photograph specifically at Peggy Porschen. Even specifying to include the pink bicycle if possible!

Cake Heaven

It was with this incredible display that we felt Peggy Porschen truly became an Instagram sensation!

peggy porschen

The WOW factor

peggy porschen

The details were incredible


A little retouch of the side windows while keeping the main display! I’m not sure how many noticed!

peggy porschen

Side flowers were updated to roses !


Only Peggy Porschen could make such an incredibly beautiful pink halloween display! The gold skulls were a beautiful edition!

peggy porschen

The LEAST spooky halloween display of all time!

Winter Wonderland

Their Christmas display was so magical it captured everyone imagination!

peggy porschen

Magical winter wonderland

We haven’t yet hit our 1 year anniversary here on the blog! But looking back at all these Peggy Porschen displays really shows us how the year went by! We can’t wait for 31.01.2018 for our 1 year anniversary!

What are we looking forward to in 2018?

Seeing what Peggy Porschen does next !!!!


Eva & Amelia ♥



  1. January 2, 2018 / 10:16 am

    Absolutely love this post! Beautiful photographs x

    • Amelia
      January 2, 2018 / 11:22 pm

      Thank you so much! Lovely to hear from you! Hopefully we will see you again this coming year! x

  2. Bev
    April 29, 2018 / 8:38 pm

    Me and my friend came to Peggy Porchen yesterday.. and we both left so upset.. We queued up for 40 mins, we finally got a table… I ordered a latte which was cold… and my friends hotchoclate was tipid.. we raised our concerns to Greta whose customers services was ride and apaulling .. I was shocked I have never experienced such bad manners. I left the shop really upset.. I was looking forward to coming to Peggy Porchen.. I will be writing a formal complaint.. I will never put one foot back in that store.. the experience left sour taste in our mouths not a sweet one!

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