Turkey Recipe SO Simple Anyone Can Make It

simple turkey recipe

Assistant Chef Amelia

The Perfect Christmas Turkey

I don’t cook much at all! The only thing I enjoy making is a Turkey ( with help from Amelia of course!! ). It’s safe to say that if I find cooking a turkey to be one of the easiest & most enjoyable cooking experiences then anyone can make a turkey !

It really doesn’t get simpler than this !

Shopping List :

(We get everything from Waitrose!)

  1. Buy a turkey
  2. Don’t forget your foil turkey tray!! For the oven
  3. Get some garlic butter – this year we couldn’t find any so we crushed fresh garlic into melted butter!
  4. Get plenty of oranges & clementines
  5. Fresh herbs! We get Rosemary & Thyme
  6. Personally couldn’t imagine having a slice of turkey without cranberry sauce!

Thats literally all you need !

Now how to cook it !!

On your Turkey’s label it will specify the cooking time in the oven & temperature! Our last one was 4 hours & 30 mins in the oven with fan heat of 195! It will depend on the size of the bird you have chosen.

  1. Put the oven on !
  2. The “gross” bit ! Take out the neck etc that they’ve put inside the turkey!
  3. Cut up clementines & oranges & some of the herbs – stuff the turkey with these! *
  4.  I take 1 packet of garlic butter & smudge it over the turkey on the outside, making sure theres some between the limbs and the body
  5. Add herbs on top of the turkey !
  6. Cut up more oranges and place them around your turkey !

For now you are done !

Once every 30 minutes or so I pull the turkey out of the oven & paint it with melted garlic butter! It’s also good to keep some tin foil over your bird in the oven to keep it from burning at the top!

* my best friends mom taught me this trick! If you put stuffing inside your turkey it will dry out the meat!


All Done ! ( ours is always over cooked by 30 minutes as my mom is worried about it being cooked enough haha !!)

So often I hear people saying they don’t dare try to cook a turkey ! It really is one of the simplest things to make ! Give it a go!


Eva & Amelia ♥


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