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Dogs love hownd review by Eva and Amelia's World

Amelia with Mark & Jo the owners of HOWND


If you follow us on Instagram you would have seen that over the past few months I have been working with HOWND as their photographer. After getting to photograph & sample most of their products I couldn’t resist writing up a little overall blog post about them. We haven’t even told them we are writing up this piece, a little surprise for everyone hehe.

I remember the initial conference call I had with Jo (co-owner of HOWND)  some months ago to discuss doing some photography for them. I genuinely couldn’t believe I was finally going to get to work with a natural shampoo company who manufactured in England & was cruelty free certified!!!

It’s so rare to stumble across companies who share your values, and in this I did have a little help. My fellow blogger friends @LeCorgi & @CityDogExpert were already working with them and introduced me! So far in our blogging journey there has been two companies who have taken over our hearts so entirely, we don’t know what we would do without them – HOWND & Teddy Maximus.

Every dog should be lucky enough to be washed with shampoo as mild yet effective as HOWND. What is so brilliant is that not only do they make shampoo, they also produce a large variety of extras like scents, balms & wipes. We wrote a little introduction to every product we have been lucky enough to try!


Got an Itch Shampoo & Spray

Pink pink pink! It smells as floral as it looks! Beautifully scented shampoo to help relieve itchy skin. Perfect for the most sensitive of pup!

Dogs love hownd review by Eva and Amelia's World

Pretty in Pink

Keep Calm Shampoo & Spray

Calming lavender shampoo & body mist! Unlike many lavender products the scent isn’t overwhelming but just right to calm the senses of our sensitive friends. The shampoo texture is very light and easy to froth up!

Dogs love hownd review by Eva and Amelia's World

Calming Lavender

Miracle White

Our favourite shampoo! Not only does the shampoo smell incredible, I adore the texture. The name is a little bit deceiving, it doesn’t only enhance white coats but boosts all colours! Most importantly, unlike other shampoos on the market, HOWND’s miracle white does so without any chemicals, it took them a long time to develop this incredible product and it’s my absolute favourite for maintaining Amelia’s beautiful red fur.

Dogs love hownd review by Eva and Amelia's World

Our absolute favourite !!!!

Dry Shampoo 

A product I would never have purchased myself, but now LOVE! Unlike most dry shampoos, this one you foam up & rub it on your dog as opposed to simply spraying endless product onto your pup. PH balanced with Aloe and chamomile – it couldn’t get any better!

hownd dry shampoo

Amelia with her Miracle Foam Wash

Face Scrub

If any other company had asked me to try a face scrub for Amelia I would never have agreed. However having gotten to try out most of HOWND’s products before hand I knew this was a product I could trust. I think Amelia found it soothing, despite it being aimed at tear stair removal!

miracle range by hownd

whole miracle range! including the face scrub!

Hemp by Hound

So amazing it won the pet accessory of the year award at PATS! Multi purpose saviour balm with SPF & Hemp!

Dogs love hownd review by Eva and Amelia's World

Natural Hemp Balm!


HOWND wipes!

In case of emergency! I keep these tucked away in my bag at all times! Amelia rolled in some bird poop the other day and I don’t know what I would have done without these!

Peach Bum & Butch Leather Scents!

A natural scent spray for your dogs! Whether something girly or more masculine HOWND has you covered! I fell in love with the little bows on the bottles (& the scents of course, Amelia is a little peach bum!).

Dogs love hownd review by Eva and Amelia's World

Natural Cologne & Perfume

We love HOWND & truly believe them to be the absolute best dog hygiene product company in England!

Check them out here!


Eva & Amelia ♥


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