10 Questions with Neoh & Nobo

neoh and nobo interview with Eva and Amelia's World

Delicious range of natural treats !

 10 Questions with Neoh & Nobo

We are so excited to share a little behind the scenes interview with Ky – the creator of Neoh & Nobo. This woman is incredible, we can’t think of any entrepreneur who does more! Not only does she run this incredible business she started from scratch inspiring us all, she also props up and supports all those around her. I’m so proud to be able to call Ky my dear friend.

1. What inspired you to start your own dog biscuit company?

I love being in the kitchen whether baking or cooking and I always preferred to bake Neoh homemade treats instead of store bought alternatives, as it was quite inexpensive, we could experiment with different flavours and most importantly, he loved them! I soon found myself baking for friends and families dog’s and thought it would be a great idea to launch a business! I originally came up with the idea as part of a university course as I was studying Marketing and Branding at the time and received some great feedback from a small focus group. So a few burnt biscuits later, Neoh & Nobo was born and here we are ;).

2. Tell us more about your company ethos

We’re a big believer of simplicity and not only is this demonstrated throughout our packaging and branding, but through our product range too. We believe the simpler the treat, the better and our recipes are made with high-quality, minimal ingredients for simple, guilt-free treat times. The biggest realisation when buying Neoh treats was that there were so many unnecessary ingredients in a lot of the popular treat brands and the one thing we want to shout about is our transparency and commitment to delivering a simple, but tasty treat that contains nothing but beneficial ingredients.

neoh and nobo interview with Eva and Amelia's World

The Crown Jewel

3. Is there a story behind the name Neoh & Nobo?

There sure is! If you haven’t already guessed, then Neoh was my fur bae, who is sadly no longer with us. I felt it would be fitting to dedicate the company to him, after all he inspired our recipes and motivated us to launch three long years after the initial idea concept! And of course, little Nobo was his favourite bunny rabbit toy which went everywhere with him, no matter how tatty or smelly it became!

4. Your packaging is very unique what was your inspiration behind the branding?

The main inspiration for the branding centres around our ethos of simplicity. I really wanted us to stand out in the market, as our biscuit ingredients are quite unique and therefore a package that aligned with that was essential. Neoh & Nobo really makes a point of being completely transparent about the ingredients used in our recipes and the processes we’ve adopted, and I believe our branding is reflective of that.

5. How long does it take to cook up 1 batch of your delicious biscuits ?

To mix up one batch of biscuits would usually take 30 mins and I would class one batch as roughly 10 boxes of biscuits. We then dehydrate our biscuits at very low temperatures, which can take over 10 hours to dry. Our peanut butter is a lot simpler! We can make around 20 jars in 30 minutes. Recently, we’ve been very fortunate to acquire a few helping hands which means we’re able to produce at a higher rate and as everything is produced by hand from ingredient sourcing to packaging, this is a big help!

6. What’s in store for Neoh & Nobo this coming year ?

We’ve had such a great response to the range so far, so our primary focus for the time being is to keep spreading the word on our range so we can reach as many doggo’s as possible. Whilst we can’t release too many deets, we’re planning an exciting new range for the new year which includes our first meat based treat! We’re also hoping to attend our first ever event/market so we can get out and meet you all 🙂

neoh and nobo interview with Eva and Amelia's World

Amelia loves her cookies dunked in PB!

7. Has there been any surprises since starting up your company you weren’t expecting?

Well, I was very naive in thinking I wouldn’t be as busy as I currently am, which is definitely something i’m very grateful for! I also never expected to make so many connections with our customers and i’m so delighted that i’ve been able to meet so many friends in the short time we’ve been here, you’re all fab.

8. Is there a little 4 legged baking assistant in your kitchen?

At present, no! But I do have a four legged nephew who very frequently provides assistance, mainly on the tasting side ;). We are currently on the lookout for a new addition, so watch this space…

9. What are your favourite dog brands?

We are massive fans of small, independent makers just like us, so if I were to name two it would have to be The January Rose, Louise and Rosie (part of our Neoh Squad) are just lovely and her unique dog tags are made with such effort and care, it’s amazing. Second, it would have to be Fetch & Follow, their pieces really stand out to me, I love their brand!

10. Could you share some fun in-house statistics with us ?

– We’ve gone through over 80kg peanuts to make our peanut butter

– We’ve made just under 200kg of biscuits since launch

– Our largest order to date took over 1 week, 4250 individual biscuits, 35kg of peanuts and several cups of coffee

– A percentage of proceedings from our selected products will go to charity (We will shortly be releasing how much we’ve raised to date)

– Coconut oil is our holy grail and we use on average 2.5-5kg each month

neoh & nobo interview with Eva and Amelia's World

This picture says it all!

To find our more about this amazing company visit their website here!


Eva & Amelia ♥


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