10 Questions with Canine Chic of London

canine chic of london interview with Eva and Amelia's World

Gold pendants for you & your dog!

  10 Questions with Canine Chic of London

We caught up with the talented creator of Canine Chic of London! Her gold pendants for humans & dogs are something entirely new in the luxury market for dog accessories. I feel like all thats missing now is matching cashmere jumpers! We hope after reading this interview you’ll be as excited about these pendants as we are!

1.What inspired you to start Canine Chic of London?
The idea came to me about a year ago, due to clients requests.
Within my profession as a jewellery designer, I had often been asked if I could work to varying types of commission. One particular inquiry was cropping up more and more frequently.
Several customers were asking if I could design and make personalised identity discs for their dogs’ collars.
They were asking because they had searched everywhere for beautiful and stylish ID discs to adorn their loved ones’ necks but the search for them had not been fruitful.
One particular client had become deeply frustrated by the lack of choice on offer; she herself wore all the latest fashions with a stylish mix of designer and vintage clothes and accessories and she very much wanted her dog to be a sartorial match;
‘‘My dog is like my child, I want to treat her like a Princess, with regular grooming and beautiful collars, coats and identity pendants. I want her to look as fabulous as possible!”

So they’d looked and they couldn’t find anything that came close to what they were looking for – unique designer pendants that complimented or expressed their sartorial aspirations for their four legged friends. Equally important, they often wanted matching ones to wear themselves.

2. Could you tell us about how your products are made ?
The discs are engraved with the design then they are polished, personalised and gold plated in London’s jewellery quarter of Hatton Garden.
I then set the Swarovski crystals that the customer has requested and they are sent out.

3. Where did the name pug pendant come from?
My first client requested an identity disc for her Pug and I thought the name ‘PugPendants’ sounded sweet, so the name just stuck!
As all of our models and clients know, You don’t have to be a Pug to wear a PugPendant and this has become a catch phrase.

canine chic of london pug pendants modelled by @Ameliathecav

Twinning <3

4. You have a long history in jewellery making ! We would love to hear more.

I did a BA Hons in 3 dimensional design and silversmithing at Brighton University.

I consider myself fortunate to have been very involved in many aspects of design, from interiors to furniture and homewares.
However, the last 8 years have been focussed on designing jewellery and fashion accessories, including handbags – and now dog apparel!

5. What’s a typical day like for you?
At the moment since our soft launch, no two days are the same!
I start early and deal with correspondence etc. I like to try and clear my inbox before 9am (not always achievable!)
The social media aspect is very important for us for marketing and pr. We have met so many of our friends, models and brand ambassadors through Instagram and so a good chunk of the day is absorbed with maintaining that side of things.
I tend to have ‘making’ days, so will set aside a few whole days catching up with orders and sending them out.
These are made to order as although they are not entirely bespoke, each PugPendant is made specifically to the customers personal requirements regarding the colour of crystals and also the personalisation on the back of the discs.

6. Could you tell us some of the VIP pups who have been wearing Pug Pendants?
Currently we have an amazing coterie of Canine fans, including the beautiful Amelia!
Marcel LeCorgi, Coco the frenchie, Miss Marple the miniature Dachshund are also happy customers and great brand ambassadors for PugPendants and Canine Chic of London.

canine chic of london pug pendant modelled by @Ameliathecav

This one was my favourite design, it was hard to choose with so many options!

7. Who are your favourite designers ?
In terms of Jewellery, I’m a fan of Shaun Leane’s more minimal work and at the other end of the scale, some of High Street store And Other Stories designs are beautiful.
In both cases, simplicity is the key

8. Do you have any advice for someone reading this who may want to start their own brand?
In an increasingly saturated market place, one can always knock out cheap imitations of whatever else is already out there!
My personal ethos however, is to approach whatever I do with originality, integrity and passion.
I would advise anyone starting up, to make sure that there is no one else doing quite what you are doing.
If there are similar products around, make sure that your product and approach are as unique as they can possibly be.

9. What’s in store for Canine Chic of London this coming year ?
Having just ‘soft’ launched the website in late May in a low-key way, there is to be a Launch event closer to Christmas.
Our press coverage is picking up, and all going well, PugPendants will be featured in a few of the top Glossy magazines around Christmas and the New Year.

10. Where can people buy Pug pendants ?
At the moment they are exclusively available from Canine Chic of London’s website.
We aim to send the Pendants out within 5 days. However, At the time of writing, we have an increasing waiting list, so best to order now!
Customers will be advised of delivery times when they place their order, and urgent requests can be up-graded and prioritised.

canine chic of london pug pendants modelled by @ameliathecav

Safe to say – we love ours !!Love,

Find out more about Canine Chic of London on their website! 


Eva & Amelia ♥


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