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Amelia with her box !

Protect My Pet X Amelia

Life feels like it’s getting busier each year! Despite the wealth of digital diary management tools available so much of my to do list still ends up slipping through the cracks. Unfortunately every month I find myself either stressing about which week Amelia was supposed to get her flea & worming treatments or trying to remember to do it when it is time. Sometimes just as I’ve remembered it’s time for her flea treatment I look in the cupboard and the box is empty!

Sound familiar?

This is where Protect My Pet comes in! We heard about them originally as Guru Pet Food did a collaboration with them! Having met the founder for coffee some weeks ago we learned more about their company ethos and options they are making available for busy dog owners!

protect my pet delivery letter box

Fits through your letter box!

What’s In The Box?

This is up to you!

  • You can choose the brand of flea & worming treatment you want delivered!
  • Whether you would enjoy some treats etc with the delivery or just want the treatments delivered on their own!
  • Protect My Pet also offers seasonal gift boxes full of goodies you can treat your pet to!

When we learned that you could even choose the brand you wanted delivered we felt this was a truly customised & personal service they were offering. Making busy life that little bit more manageable!

protect my pet review by eva and amelia's world

When your pet is healthy you can both be happy <3

protect my pet review by eva and amelia's world

Amelia was curious of all the treats inside!!

Why not just give it a try? You can cancel at any time, customise your box to be more basic or full of treats & poop bags too! Amelia is now receiving her custom tailored health box each month! As soon as it arrives we pop it open – Amelia gets her treatments followed by some treats!

We feel passionately that when your pet is healthy, it frees up both of your lives to enjoy the more fun aspects of pet ownership like new collars, jumpers & agility classes!


Eva & Amelia ♥

(& Protect My Pet)

protect my pet subscription box

Sneak Peak Inside


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