10 Questions With Inugami London

inugami london interview with Eva and Amelia

Our perfect beige/nude set

10 Questions With Inugami London

We met the girls behind Inugami London at the Plan Pooch launch party a couple of months ago! Absolutely fell in love with a green harness set their dog was wearing! I later messaged the girls to say I was in love with their nude set but was a little bit worried it would be too wide for Amelia. They custom made a narrow collar & lead for Amelia and even added a custom mini tassel! The attention to detail is phenomenal, I’ve tried to capture all our favourite details in the photos below!

We hope you enjoy getting to know Inugami London!

1. Where did the name Inugami come from?

When we began brainstorming names for our brand, we were certain that we wanted it to sound original and not contain the obvious dog related words such as hound, as there were a number of dog brands already with these names on the market. Aggy had been watching several Japanese manga series on Netflix that year and came across the word “Shinigami”. A close friend of ours who wanted to help out began researching into Japanese mythology and found “Inugami,” a mythical dog spirit. The uniqueness of the name stood out for us and we designed our branding based on this.

2. What inspired you to start your own brand ?

After Blossom got her pug, Peanut, we began imagining coat designs for him. Our aspiration to make fun, iconic products and our love for dogs spurred us on to create our brand.

3. Where have you sought your inspirations from?

Our main source of inspiration comes from fashion forecasting. We want to create products that are relevant and we do this by keeping up-to-date with future trends. Our products also focus on nature, we utilise evergreen, woody and floral colour palettes that are designed to beautifully align our products with the environment. We also draw inspiration from new technology such as smart and technical textiles including reflective fabrics and neoprene. This is vital to the functionality of our products as we want them to be safe, durable and comfortable for dogs.

inugami london interview with Eva and Amelia


4. You offer a bespoke service, could you tell us more ?

We have found that every owner wants something specific for their dog, and why not! Like humans, dogs are so different from one another and we prefer to make custom products because we believe the design, fit and style will be perfect and their owner won’t be disappointed.

5. Have you had any special requests for personalisation?

Yas! We are all about personalisation đŸ˜‰ We are currently designing several bespoke collars including a sky blue pony-style collar for a gorgeous rescue Bulldog. It’s out there but we love that! Also at Hounds on the Heath we met a Staffordshire Bullterrier whose owner wanted a hand-dyed red vegetable tanned collar with the nameplate “King Ralph”. Finally we are making a tiny version of one of our Nude Tan collars with a tassel for cutie Amelia the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

inugami london interview with Eva and Amelia

Amelia’s custom mini tassel <3

6. Could you tell us more about yourselves Aggy & Blossom?

We were friends at university. Aggy (25) studied Costume with Performance Design, while Blossom (24) studied Fashion Design. We gained skills in CAD, illustration, textiles and making; which led us to be the designers we are today. We both have Asian backgrounds which is apparent in our style as we’re drawn to vibrant colours and love fun, extrovert fashion.

7. What’s a typical day like at the Inugami HQ?

It usually starts with Aggy receiving a warm welcome from Peanut which consists of him wiggling his butt, walking round her in circles, sniffing her leg and sneezing! Then we put on the old school R&B and get to work! Blossom handles most of the making while Aggy manages the organisation and digital side of things. Our days aren’t short of laughs or new ideas!

inugami london interview with Eva and Amelia

The lead is a total dream! Weightless & finished to the highest quality

8. Where in London are you based ?

We work mainly from our studio based in West London near Twickenham Stadium and source most of our materials from Dalston, Shadwell and other areas in East London, where we have a second, smaller workspace. We also have a small office in South London, you could say we’re all over London really!

9. Do you have favourite dog friendly locations in London?

Yes! Palm Vaults has been top of our list since it opened just over a year ago. It has the most beautiful plantlife and gorgeous pink lattes. The fact that you can take your pup is a bonus. It’s us allover!

inugami london interview with Eva and Amelia

Every small detail is made to perfection

10. What’s in store for Inugami this coming year ?

We have Chiswick Dog Show coming up. We are super excited as we have been the past two years and the crowd is phenomenal so we can’t wait to make our mark. We also have an exciting photoshoot coming up involving some great London stylists, models, photographers and of course insta dogs! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on at the end of this year but for now we must keep it hush hush.

inugami london interview with Eva and Amelia

Outside our favourite cafe with our new custom set!

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Inugami London as much as we did !

Our custom made set exceeded all expectations !

Get yours here! 


Eva & Amelia ♥


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