Harrods Roast & Bake

Harrods Roast & Bake dog friendly ameliathecav

Amelia & Hicham (one of her favourite baristas)

Harrods Roast & Bake

Hello everyone! Sorry we have been a little quiet this month on the blog! If you follow our Instagram stories you will be a few steps ahead of this blog post. We recently moved into a new home & our new local cafe (as we discovered) has the best coffee ever!

We are totally in love. From the warm & friendly staff down to the best espresso you’ll ever have – this coffee shop is the only one we go to anymore (well.. for coffee!). I even have a rather up market machine of my own at home that I seem to have shunned to pop around the corner to get a coffee made by the best baristas in London!

Harrods Roast & Bake dog friendly ameliathecav

Amelia strutting out like she owns the place !

Harrods Roast & Bake dog friendly ameliathecav

While the shop is primarily take away orientated – there is a couple of outside tables!

I was ever so pleased to find out Amelia was welcome inside too! Now Harrods is not dog friendly – but this cafe is in a separate building behind Harrods & dogs are welcome in to grab a take away coffee with their owners.

At first glance to us it appeared as if Harrods just popped up a random coffee shop in their own name where others have been before (Cappuccino Cafe & a mini Starbucks!). The reality turned out to be quite the opposite! Harrods brought in a worldwide coffee roasting champion to train the baristas & oversee the development of this little store! They are keeping prices low too – no Harrods name surcharge. In fact their coffee is cheaper than Starbucks!

Harrods Roast & Bake dog friendly ameliathecav

My two favourite things : Amelia & a flat white

Harrods Roast & Bake dog friendly ameliathecav

Best coffee we’ve ever had!

The team makes a big fuss over Amelia & she adores them all! Even when the shop is closed (which is almost never – they are open until 10pm!) she insists on trying to go in!

If you are only going to have one cup of coffee when you are in London – you’ll want to go to here!

You can find the Harrods Roast & Bake at the back of Harrods on Basil Street! 


Eva & Amelia ♥


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  1. November 9, 2018 / 11:49 am

    Thank you so very much… your coffee is one of these best brew in town, I have ever had.
    I travelled from Australia, then France for serving a very serious urgent cause, next your shop, and around the corner at the Embassy where a man’s life is in jeopardy.. We thank you for your very kind gesture toward us and him at this time of danger where we fear for his life. I will always be so grateful not only for the high standards , tasty food ,and coffee serving with a most loyal & amazing customer service, but also for the kindness, and willingness to not only serve customers but also be a support for those defending Humans Rights.
    With sincerity.

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