Amelia’s new ID tag by Maven Metals

maven metals pet id tag

Photographing our new tag at Peggy Porschen

Maven Metals Personalised Pet ID Tags

Maven Metals got in touch with us to do some product photos! They made a beautiful tag for Amelia and we couldn’t be more in love. While Maven Metals is our photography client we aren’t collaborating on this blog post. Simply put we have never had such a high quality ID tag and we feel the NEED to share.

  • Weight – it’s incredibly light
  • Engraving – on the back is my mobile number & home address. I wish I could display it here – the workmanship is incredible and the end result is a smooth finish.
  • Personalisation – you can have your dogs name put on the front !
  • Packaging – it arrived in a beautiful black box with a second hoop incase you’d like a smaller one. This ID tag feels much more like a piece of jewellery than it does a dog tag.
  • Feel of it – I can’t quite put it into words. It feels beautiful when you hold it. Every detail is perfect, all of it feels smooth and seamless. It’s light and elegant.

Really this tag is like nothing we have ever had before. It was a perfect match with our Bone & Home collar set. While I love holding it, Amelia has equally loved wearing it. It really is almost weightless unlike our previous generic one. I also don’t have to worry about the engraving not being visible when it’s being used. The back is engraved black on the silver.

maven metals pet id tag

Princess ID Tag

maven metals pet id tag

a tag fit for a princess

mavel metals pet id tag modelled by ameliathecav

I loved this shot to show you how beautiful the tag is on the sides too

Thank you again Maven Metals for choosing us as your photographer/dog model duo! We absolutely adore the tag you made Amelia and couldn’t wait to proudly show it to all our friends!

Check out Maven Metals here !


Eva & Amelia

maven metals pet id tag

It arrived in a beautiful box with a smaller hoop option !


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