10 Questions with Elite Hound

Elite Hound Interview by Eva and Amelia's World

We are so excited to share an interview with one of the most inspirational designers in London

10 Questions with Elite Hound

London is a hub full of talented designers. However it feels so rare to come across someone who has driven themselves to become a successful designer out of passion without prior experience. We are so excited to share this interview with the truly inspiring creative director of Elite Hound!

Elite Hound Interview by Eva and Amelia's World

A place we call home

1. Is there a story behind how you started Elite Hound?

One morning I went to buy milk and bumped into a group of beautiful greyhounds from Kent Greyhound Rescue who were looking for new homes. I decided to help so agreed to foster a greyhound and one week later collected a beautiful greyhound brindle called “Lazy Mick”. After the first weekend, I was smitten and agreed to officially adopt Lazy Mick. Just over a year later I fostered another beautiful female greyhound (Mischa) and you can guess how the story goes. I become a happy parent of two beautiful greyhounds.

I wanted to elevate the beauty of my four legged darlings with fashionable conformable collars however there was nothing really in the market that satisfied my needs.

One day I decided to handmake a velvet collar for my greyhounds which would match the cushions on the sofas where both Mick and Mischa spent 80% of their time. This was the beginning of Elite Hound. I had attended some sewing classes, so purchased machinery and material and started to design and create bespoke collars for my beloved greyhounds and other friend’s dogs.

2. How long have you been running your business ?

The idea of becoming a bespoke designer for fashion conscious canine owners started in January 2016. I had very little sewing or business experience although I had a lot of passion.

Elite Hound Interview by Eva and Amelia's World

You wouldn’t believe the quality of the hardware before you see it in person. I’ve tried my best to capture it

3. How long does it take you to hand make each piece ?

Each product is individual and I can work on it from 40 minutes to 2 hours or more, excluding of course the design and sourcing of materials.

4. Could you tell us more about your bespoke service ?

I am always excited when clients asks for something very special and individual. Currently I am working on a wedding collar and lead and special camouflage collar lead and bandana decorated with silver skulls featuring diamond eyes.

I offer a range of products on the website that can be modified to a client’s wishes or alternatively I can collaborate with them to come up with something totally different and unique. I work with a wide variety of fabrics and am currently exploring eco-leather so I can include this into my range.

5. Where are Elite Hound Head quarters ?

Our head quarters or workshop is situated on a beautiful boat in the Limehouse marina in London.

Elite Hound Interview by Eva and Amelia's World

Obsessed with the red velvet

6. You have two beautiful greyhounds! Tell us all about them!

I love them so much! They are my beautiful calm babies. Mick is four and Mischa is a three months older. As mentioned before they are both rescued for Kent Greyhound Rescue that I support through charitable donations. They sleep most of time and they are the most peaceful species on the planet. They are my zen masters; my peace and love. I cannot express enough my happiness of having them in our lives.

Mick is very individual VIP dog however he loves cuddles and belly rubs. Mischa is still very shy with humans although when it comes to food she turns into a predator and Mick has no chance. LOL She is really big food lover.

7. How do you get inspiration for your designs ?

Whilst I like to freestyle and create from my own experiences and my heart, I am also inspired by current fashion trends and the international fashion houses.

Elite Hound Interview by Eva and Amelia's World

Amelia has never looked so elegant !!!

8. Are you attending any events in the coming months ?

My next events will be the September 24 for the Chiswick House Dog Show and then Discover Dogs on 21–22 October in Excel

9. What’s in store for Elite Hound this coming year?

For autumn/winter 2017 I will continue to offer my beautiful denim collection by adding some variations to it as denims shows no sign of falling out of fashion. I will definitely keep making our popular velvet collection as that really looks so amazing and posh on any hound.

10. Could you leave us with some advice for aspiring designers?

I believe everything is possible however you need to take action every day in order to achieve what you want in your life and to be unstoppable even when you have setbacks (which you will). I still work full time in the Insurance Industry while handmaking dog accessories and I manage to make the balance work. Elite Hound is my passion and I love to create for our four legged darlings.

Elite Hound Interview Eva and Amelia's World

Perfect colour for Amelia’s coat

A huge thank you to Elite Hound for taking the time to answer all our questions.

Not to mention for making this beautiful set for Amelia. It’s a true favourite of ours. Starting with the beautiful rose gold hardware and ending with the amazing stitching that has made this set not only beautiful but durable too.

For the first time Amelia has a collar & lead set I feel is too precious to use everyday!

Thank you Elite Hound


Eva & Amelia ♥


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