Purplebox | August Review

Purplebox review by Eva and Amelia's World

Amelia waiting for me to come & help her get the goodies!

Purplebox by Purplebone London

It’s our favourite day of the month – purplebox delivery day! Coming up to it’s first birthday this autumn, the Purplebox has revamped the monthly subscription market for dogs. Before working with Purplebone officially we did do a little review of their box earlier this year – see here. Now you can look forward to this edit each month as we will be looking inside each months purplebox on the weekend of the week it arrives !

Purplebox review by Eva and Amelia's World

Stylish box full of all you could want !!

SO whats inside?

Each month is different! Thats the fun part. While the structure may remain the same, the contents change making it the most anticipated post of the month!

  • Dog hygiene product
  • Poop bags
  • 2 x Dog treats
  • a lifestyle gift for YOU (from a British company)
Purplebox review by Eva and Amelia's World

The essentials !

Purplebox review by Eva and Amelia's World

What could be better than a glass of cold ice tea while playing with your dog?

Purplebox review by Eva and Amelia's World

Our favourite feature ! Neoh & Nobo

This month we were delighted to see ear wipes! Amelia struggles with her ears getting infected if I don’t clean them. So for all us long eared spaniel owners these wipes are a gift from heaven! Makes ear cleaning time so convenient.

Poop bags – well, I had actually just ran out and almost had to go and buy a new packet when the purplebox arrived just in time to save me!

Amelia loves little toys, and this mouse has some kind of paper inside and it makes a little crunching sound! She LOVES it!

You probably know Amelia is an ambassador for Neoh & Nobo, a brand new start up with organic homemade dog treats! Nothing could have made us happier than seeing them featured in this months box! The company owner has become a close friend of ours and she works incredibly hard to deliver the best dog treats on the market!

I am just enjoying this ice tea while writing up the blog for you and it’s divine. Not too sweet, perfectly balanced! I would definitely buy it!

Purplebox review by Eva and Amelia's World

Amelia’s favourite – Neoh & Nobo cookie dunked in peanut butter for dogs

What better way to spend the bank holiday weekend than cuddled up at home with a box full of goodies for you and your dog!

Get your purplebox as a one off order or subscription – HERE. 


Eva & Amelia ♥

(& Purplebone)


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