Purplebone’s New Mini Collections

Purplebone Kew Collection Eva and Amelia's world

This cutie usually only likes little squeaky balls but she loves her squeaky bone!

Purplebone Mini Collections !

Right… So this blog is a mini blog photo wise! I’ve had some issues uploading photos to my media library! BUT Don’t worry you can see all the photos of Amelia modelling the new collections on the Purplebone website’s product photos & our Instagram of course.

Amelia is an ambassador for Purplebone and part of the fun is getting to model their new collections! Before we started our blog Purplebone was our one stop shop for all of Amelia’s things! We still visit the Kings Road shop weekly! Getting to work with our favourite pet shop is a dream come true!

There is a new order within the Purplebone shop!

Larger collections will be launched each season as usual!  Whats new is the limited edition mini collections that will be launched every 3-4 months!

Each mini collection will be inspired by a new location around the world that has inspired the designers! Amelia got to be the first to receive the new mini collections for this season Kew & Rio!


Kew Gardens is what comes to our mind! Beautiful botanical gardens here in London. We thought the perfect place to photograph the Kew collection was on Pavilion Road parallel to Sloane Street lost within the tropical plants!

Purplebone Kew Collection Eva and Amelia's world

Amelia looked like she was ready to get lost in the jungle!

Purplebone Kew Collection Eva and Amelia's world

Absolutely love the pastel green colour


Rio! What could be a better place for a carnival. We love the new Rio collection – to us it looks like vanilla ice cream with sprinkles! Amelia has been wearing her Rio set all week! Lots of pups in Hyde Park have told us how adorable she looks in her collar set! Love love love !!

Purplebone Kew Collection Eva and Amelia's world

Ready to join in the carnival !

Purplebone RIO Collection Eva and Amelia's world

Flower girl <3

We hope you are as in love with their new mini collections as we are!!!! We were so happy to see Purplebone bring out nice happy pastels!  Keep your eyes out on our Instagram you’ll be seeing many more photos of Amelia with our new favourite casual wear sets!


Eva & Amelia ♥

(& Purplebone London)

ps. don’t forget to check out more photos of Amelia modelling on the purplebone website !


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