Interview with our favourite blogger ‘Travels with Ellie’ | Thomas Cubitt Belgravia

thomas cubitt belgravia

Thomas Cubitt on Elizabeth Street

We came to have lunch at the Thomas Cubitt in Belgravia to catch up with Travels with Ellie!

We often get asked if we travel abroad together. Sadly so far we haven’t! But as so many of you seem to be full of questions on this matter we thought of just the girl to introduce you to!

Travels with Ellie is a lifestyle travel blog! She also sells amazing cavalier themed accessories for all of us cav obsessed girls! We hope you enjoy our interview with them as much as we did!

thomas cubitt belgravia

Freshly baked bread to start!

1.When did you start travelling with Ellie?

We started travelling with Ellie the first day we got her!

2. What are some of your favourite holiday memories?

Our first flight was to America to my husbands tennis tournament. My favourite actress Hillary Swank was there and took a picture with Ellie, just because she liked her so much when she met her.

3. Could you share with us your top travel tips for travelling with your dog?

  • Prepare all your vet documents, requirements will depend on which country you are traveling to. Always find the information on country’s embassy website before you plan your trip.
  • Don’t forget take some food for the flight and buy some water in the airport.
  • You need a comfy carrier for traveling with the dog, comfy for your dog and for you too.
  • Always check transport rules about pets on board as hand luggage of each airline company you are travelling on with.
thomas cubitt menu

Chicken Salad!

thomas cubitt menu

Heritage tomato salad!

4. What inspired you to Instagram your journey?

We travel a lot together. I wanted to show the world how awesome it can be to travel with your dog, not having to leave them at home. Many people message me every day and are so thankful to me that I’ve shown them that you can travel with your dog. Now everybody can be as happy as me & Ellie 🙂

5. Does Ellie like flying?

Ellie feels comfy every time we fly. No stress for her, just because she is used to it. She has been on so many flights.

6. What is your favourite city?

We have so many favourite cities. They are all different and that is amazing. There are no uninteresting places in the world!! When I have free time I always write about new ones in my travel blog on Ellie’s website.

travels with ellie

Just organising our Instagram & blog with our new planned by Travels with Ellie!

Ameliathecav at thomas cubitt

Hanging out in style at Thomas Cubitt

7. What inspired you to start your own brand?

Inspiration hit me last summer when I was looking for something creative and stylish with my breed on it. When I didn’t find anything I loved, I made an exclusive custom order from a fashion brand in Moscow. Then we made a collaboration with cavaliers of all colours and Pomeranians. This was so successful I found talented illustrators and fashion designers to work with. I work with the most amazing people. I love it! My business is my small hobby where I can give so much love and positive energy.

8. Where are you travelling to this coming year?

This is a surprise!

9. Where do you hope Travels with Ellie will be as a brand in the future?

I hope that one day my brand will be know everywhere in America and Europe because it is a really high quality product for people who love their dog’s as much as I love Ellie.

10. What are your favourite brands for dog travel essentials?

I love so many British, German and American brands. I always tag all brands names of all what we have on our Instagram account!

ameliathecav travels with ellie

Our beautiful personalised diary from Travels with Ellie

Find out more about international travel on Ellie’s website & Instagram !

& don’t forget to see their beautiful cavalier themed accessories!


Eva & Amelia ♥



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