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ameliathecav at peggy porschen

Cupcake… or cookies ???

Coffee Date at Peggy Porschen

Amelia & I headed out for another day at our “office” Peggy Porschen. But this time I wasn’t the only one getting to eat delicious treats! Amelia was sent some adorable cookies by the Organic Barkery! We asked for an extra plate & Amelia really enjoyed our little set up!

Their cookies look just like human cookies! I would easily start munching on one of these late at night in a dark kitchen hehe! I set up a selection of cookies for Amelia to choose from on a plate and she went straight for the biggest one! The jammy dodger look-a-like! I love the little heart shaped centre! It couldn’t be any cuter if it tried!

The Organic Barkery makes cookies with all natural ingredients for dogs! Sometimes looking at what’s in your dogs treats can be daunting when you don’t understand what half of the terms mean! Luckily these baked treats leave you feeling without a worry in the world! Their ingredients include plain yogurt, blueberries & oats!

organic barkery cookies at peggy porschen

Perfect coffee date

organic barkery cookies

Organic Barkery cookies

We noticed on their website that not only do they have lots of cute cookies but also personalisation! Next time I’m ordering a special gift or birthday cake we will be sure to keep them in mind!

Pink Liberty Print Collection 

We finally got a photo of Amelia in her new carrier with the matching bowtie !! Doesn’t she look pawfect?

We are already excited for the winter collection by Teddy Maximus… we wonder what will be in store! We are still beaming & over the moon about being ambassadors for this amazing company! We can’t seem to help ourselves! Everytime we leave the house Amelia is kitted out in Teddy Maximus!

teddy maximus pink liberty print collection

She looks so angelic here

You can check out the Organic Barkery here. 


Eva & Amelia ♥

| Teddy Maximus Pink Collection|


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