Amorino Gelato Flowers | Best Ice Cream in Chelsea

amorino ice cream kings road

Gelato Flowers

Almost too beautiful to eat!

Our beautiful friend Avril joined us on a afternoon ice cream date! I’ve been meaning to showcase these beautiful ice cream flowers here on the blog all summer, but I’ve always forgotten to take photos !! They have a tiny little shop on Kings Road that we visit, though they have branches all over London too!

You choose the size of your cone, and then you can add as many flavours as you like! Everyones flowers always end up looking different! My favourite flavours all seem to be beige!! I wish I was one of those girls who enjoyed the brightly coloured sorbets to get super cute photos here! Avril did a little better than me mixing up the colours on her beautiful flower!

My outer layer was 0% fat frozen yogurt so it was safe for Amelia to lick off hehe! Sharing is caring after all!

cavalier king charles spaniel eating ice cream

“But please let me have some”

cavalier king charles spaniel eating amorino ice cream

Amelia assumed it was like her recent Just Eat UK shoot where the ice cream cones were for her to eat! hehe

cavalier king charles spaniel eating ice cream

A closer look – Amelia licking up the outer yogurt layer!

amorino gelato flowers

So delicious !!!

Learn more about Amorino & their locations around London here


Eva & Amelia ♥


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