10 Questions with Mr Woofkins

ameliathecav wearing mr woofkins outside peggy porschen

Amelia’s new collar turned out to be the exact same shade of pink as Peggy Porschen !!!

10 Questions with Mr Woofkins

This past week we have had the pleasure of getting to know Penny – the woman behind Mr Woofkins! A brand new start up with a collection of stylish leather dog collars hand made in the England. All of their colours are to die for so we had huge difficulty trying to pick which one we wanted! For us the pastel pink stood out & since receiving it we have fallen in love! We hope you enjoy our photos & getting to know a little bit more about Mr Woofkins !

mr woofkins worn by ameliathecav

Our beautiful blush pink collar with a minty green contrast

1. When did you start Mr Woofkins?

I started Mr Woofkins at the beginning of this year, when I began to create a prototype from my designs and drawings. Once we were happy with the prototype and had chosen a suitable leather supplier manufacturing began. This was an exciting process, finally seeing my ideas turning into a reality.

2. What inspired you to start your own brand?

I have been wanting to start my own small business for a few years but had been apprehensive about taking the final plunge. The arrival of my first dachshund Hector two years ago was certainly the push I needed. He is the best friend, soul mate and companion anyone could wish for and my love for Hector fuelled by passion for beautiful British design for our canines. When looking at collars for Hector I found a lack of unique colours and British designs.

3. I understand that you have two cute doggies of your own – tell us all about them!!

Hector is the eldest of my two dachshunds he is a long haired black and tan and the cheekiest dog going. He must have been a mountain goat in a past life as he loves to climb as high as he can, often on the hunt for one of his favourite chew toys. I’ll find him on the dining room table or even the side table. He would eat everything if he could but it doesn’t always agree with him. We got Audrey 11 months ago as Hector loves other dogs and I felt he would love a companion.

Audrey is a completely different character compared to Hector. She is not as naughty (or cheeky). She’ll be the first one jumping on your lap to have a sip of your cup of tea and is a real big kisser so be prepared for slobber. They are both big woofers (hence the name Mr Woofkins). We are working with a dog trainer to try and curb this although it is a well know trait for Dachshunds and I love their talkativeness (just the neighbours might not!!).

4. Your collars are hand made in England – how have you arranged their manufacturing?

Mr Woofkins collars are manufactured in our studio in Hackney and our hardware is also supplied by a company within London. Our leather manufacturer is based in Northampton. At the heart of Mr Woofkins is support for British design and businesses.

mr woofkins

Such a dreamy colour combination!

5. Tell us more about yourself – the woman behind Mr Woofkins!

I’ve been working in the National Health Service for the past five years and have seen the benefit that animals can have with raising our spirits and improving our wellbeing such as PAT dogs (pets as therapy). These creatures can bring such joy to our lives they deserve the best in return.

6. Where do you call home?

I myself live just outside of London in Sevenoaks Kent.

mr woofkins

Perfect with our new wag aware charm too!

7. Which brands/designers have influenced you?

I was inspired by several British designers such as Hiro+Wolf and Dog and Horse. They produce such unique and beautiful collars and the ethics behind their brands are commendable. These companies provide stylish top-quality products for our canine companions, which is something Mr Woofkins also aspires to produce.

8. Hector & Audrey are beautiful names, how did you choose them?

I have always loved the name Hector and it came from the programme Monarch of the Glen. The man that use to play Hector was this kind older man with a great English accent. Audrey is named after my Grandfathers Sister who passed away around the time that we were looking to find Hector a companion and we knew it would make my grandad so pleased to think she was named after his sister. I have to say the name suits her so well she is a beautiful blonde doggy who is very elegant and loving which matches many associations with the name such as Audrey Hepburn and classic Hollywood glamour.

ameliathecav wearing mr woofkins

“I love my new collar”

9. Do you have any favourite dog friendly places you love to visit?

Our favourite places to visit are Camber Sands as this is a beautiful sandy dog friendly beach where the pooches love to go for a paddle and if your Audrey surf some waves. Maybe a cheeky chip too. Knole park is also a beautiful National Trust deer park we love to visit which is a gorgeous place to walk throughout the seasons.

10. Whats in store for Mr Woofkins this year?

This year Mr Woofkins is hoping to attend as many fairs as possible to get our brand out there and get some customer feedback. I am also in the process of designing some leather dog leashes. Our main aims are establishing our brand and adapt to the needs of our canine customer.

10 questions with mr woofkins

Bye for now!

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know this amazing new brand as much as we did!

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Eva & Amelia ♥


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  1. December 15, 2017 / 8:37 pm

    This is fab Eva – we have the same Collar for Daisy for Christmas but in reverse so the collar is green with the pink detail. Amelia looks lovely in hers!

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