Bluebird Chelsea

bluebird chelsea

Decorated for Wimbledon

We are back!

Sorry for being a little quiet! We have been busy moving back into our old flat in Knightsbridge! We had been living in Richmond for just over 6 months but it never felt like home. Amelia has been so excited to be living back in the city & greeting our old neighbours! We couldn’t wait to start blogging about all our favourite local spots and first up is Bluebird in Chelsea!

Meeting with Ruby from Ruby Rufus

Finally!!! We got to meet with Ruby from Ruby Rufus. We have been connected on Instagram for years even before we had a blog. When the blog started up Ruby Rufus was one of the first on our mind for collaborations.

I couldn’t imagine anyone else who would look prettier in a picture than Amelia except Ruby! These two pretty girls got along so well that Amelia was made the new ambassador for Ruby Rufus! We can’t wait for their autumn collection to come out!

Ruby Rufus Isaacs and Ameliathecav

Two happy girls! Ruby & Amelia

Delicious Food at BlueBird

We seem to be having back to back heatwaves here in London this summer. I think I’ve lost so much weight just from sweating!!! It’s definitely too hot to eat so finding a nice lunch spot with a great snack menu like Bluebird was a real find!

Bluebird Chelsea

Perfect for the summer!

cavalier king charles spaniel licking ice cube

28C !!! So hot for London! Amelia was enjoying ice cubes!

Our Little Made in Chelsea Moment !

Before we knew it Ruby’s friend Rosie Fortescue joined us! Amelia absolutely adored meeting her! We haven’t actually watched the show (Made in Chelsea) ourselves but perhaps it’s time we saw what the fuss was about! Having just moved back to Knightsbridge into our old flat it was truly a perfect first day out living back in Chelsea.

Rosie Fortescue with Ameliathecav

Rosie Fortescue from Made in Chelsea with Amelia

Rosie Fortescue with AMeliathecav at bluebird chelsea

Amelia loved her <3

For a perfect summer day out in Chelsea check out BlueBird on Kings Road.

You can find their website here. 


Eva & Amelia ♥


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