Happy Days with Happy Socks

ameliathecav happy socks sweden

We had so much fun walking around with our silly socks !

Happy Socks

When Happy Socks emailed us I thought oh this will be fun!!! They do the most adorable socks for men & women. We got to pick some socks to model in anyway we liked! July is just around the corner and we have been in the mood for a holiday all week long! My friend agreed to humour me & come photograph me and Amelia trying on different socks !! Really had such a laugh thinking how to showcase such a utilitarian piece of clothing while including Amelia. It didn’t take Amelia long to realise something was off as she didn’t get to wear anything new this time for the photos! I think she began to feel included when I asked her to stand on my feet!

ameliathecav happy socks sweden

“Now then… where are MY socks ??”

ameliathecav happy socks sweden

I really wanted to try and have Amelia’s paws on my feet !

ameliathecav happy socks sweden

“Treats??? Yes please!”

Our Favourite Pair of Happy Socks

Our favourite pair by far were these light blue socks with colourful diamond shapes on them! I thought they looked so fresh and happy! I’ve actually been wearing them all day today slightly giggling to myself while looking at my toes haha!!

ameliathecav happy socks sweden

Paws in the air – Socks on the ground

ameliathecav happy socks sweden

She never stops looking at me <3

Happy Socks are sold in a variety of places all around the world! We had so much fun joining a worldwide group of influencers photographing their socks!

Something just for fun ! We hope you are all getting ready for a lovely Summer holiday!


Eva & Amelia ♥


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  1. Joy Rose & Lisa Annette
    June 25, 2017 / 9:40 pm

    Happy Socks, Happy Post, Happy Girls. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! We love this post. I think Amelia should totally wear the socks. What happens if you put one on her paw?!
    Love this and love you.

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