Herky The Cavalier | Summer ’17

herky the cavalier

Beach Vibes in London

Herky The Cavalier Summer ’17

It’s finally here! The Summer collection by Herky The Cavalier – a Canadian online boutique! We of course know of them from Instagram and Amelia is so lucky to be their ambassador! We had such a fun time photographing their Spring collection that we couldn’t wait to photograph the Summer collection too!

We were walking along South Bank during another photoshoot when all of a sudden this make shift beach came into view !! I couldn’t believe it! Herky’s newest collection was photographed in Hawaii & all the colours remind you of a tropical holiday! It was simply the perfect spot for beach photos right here in the centre of London!

We adore the new colourful collection. I feel like I can almost taste the cocktails with little sun umbrellas in them! What better way to bring the happiness of a beach holiday to you where ever you are than getting to look at a happy tropical lead when out for a walk with your bestie! Each lead is limited edition & made by hand so make sure to grab one while they are still available in the colour you love!

My favourites were the yellow-orange-red & navy-turqoise-green as modelled by Amelia below!

herky the cavalier

“Mom.. not sure this is a real beach”

herky the cavalier

Watching All The Birds!

We hope you feel as excited & inspired as we did!

You can check out their new collection here.


Eva & Amelia ♥

Ps. Code AMELIA will give you 10% off! 


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