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eva and amelia's world review huxley hound

Organic Vegetable Treats !

Huxley Hound Organic Veggie Dog Treats!

Huxley Hound kindly sent us some treats to try out. Much like our favourite Teddy Maximus, Huxley Hound also has little fussy Dachshunds behind the scenes ! Maybe those little pups bring out the best business ideas…  This wonderful brand has created the perfect vegetarian dog treats! Organic & fresh – what you see is what you get!

Right down to the packaging we didn’t think anything could have been any better. We must admit we had already given these a go before, our dear Instagram friend Rosie had given us some at her birthday party! What makes Huxley Hound unique is that their vegetables can be traced! All of their vegetables are planted, grown, harvested & prepared in England. Their excellent supplier makes sure that if there is a problem it can be tracked down the supply chain!

eva and amelia's world review huxley hound

100 pawcent healthiest treats around

eva and amelia's world review huxley hound

raw – dehydrated

Better Than Raw

That’s their slogan! But what does that actually mean? Well apparently dogs aren’t able to digest raw veggies properly and this results in them getting less of the vitamins and minerals from say raw beetroot than they would of dehydrated beetroot!

Most Popular ? For this family it was Beetroot!!

I say family because the treats went down well with the horses too!!! Never mind keeping polo mints in my pocket… now I have a bag of dried beetroot chips! Amelia liked both but I think she found the beetroot particularly tasty!

eva and amelia's world review huxley hound

Amelia’s choice !

I’ve been really surprised at how much Amelia like’s vegetarian dog treats. She guarded our home baked Wellybix biscuits like a lion her cubs haha! Most recently We’ve fallen head over heels for Neoh & Nobo. Amelia will actually sit by our treat cupboard until I give her one! None of these treats have any meat in them!!!!!!!!!

SO! Want to add to you vegetarian treats range? Have a look at Huxley Hounds website below !!

You can read read more & shop their full range here. 


Eva & Amelia ♥


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