Boodles | Afternoon of Diamonds

boodles savoy hotel eva and amelia's world

A perfect afternoon with coffee, chocolates & diamonds

We love Boodles

This post is much more of a personal snippet from my life. For years I’ve loved fine jewellery and Boodles is by far my favourite jewellery store for many reasons. While them being a British family owned company is a huge draw along with  their pretty pink branding – the overwhelming reason I keep returning to Boodles is their customer service.

Once you become a Boodles customer you will be treated as a dear friend of the brand for as long as you live. I’ve been a customer with them since my father bought me a graduation gift many years ago. Jewellery owners will know how reassuring it is to be able to return to the store & have your precious items checked, cleaned & maintained. I had my bracelet sent to the workshop only to be returned in just 2 days looking like new!! With other companies I’ve had to wait up to 3 months to get my dear jewellery pieces back.

Over the years a friendship has formed between myself & Cornelia who looks after me at Boodles. I always look forward to popping in for a nice catch up! And what could be more lovely than turning up with Amelia who is welcomed like the little princess that she is.

ameliathecav wearing boodles jewellery at the savoy

Amelia wearing the Sophie Dahl collection pendant

Amelia’s Favorite

This time we went to Boodles for a very special visit. They very kindly let me borrow a piece of jewellery for an occasion. Amelia came along to help with the choosing! Over the years this particular service has become invaluable to me. I like to wear the same daily jewellery pieces but once in a while I will have an event during which it makes me incredibly happy to have something a little more substantial.

The wonderful team had a little fun with us letting Amelia try on jewellery too!

ameliathecav wearing boodles bracelet eva and amelia's world

A tiara fit for a princess

ameliathecav wearing boodles jewellery

Diamond Collar Anyone?

My personal pick

I was quite sure this would be the one even before we arrived. I have had a few pieces from their blossom collection – it’s by far my favourite one. I find this bracelet to be the most beautiful work of art. The attention to detail & varying sized cherry blossom figures capture my imagination. I simply cannot wait for the day I can finally own it myself – but for now I was incredibly grateful to have been able to enjoy it for a couple of days.

eva and amelia's world at boodles

Coffee, Chocolates, Diamonds & pretty bowties

boodles blossom bracelet eva and amelia's world

Edible rose petals & the blossom bracelet

 Thank You to the Boodles Savoy Team

eva and amelia's world at boodles

Amelia is right at home <3

We can’t thank the wonderful girls at Boodles enough for this wonderful day.


Eva & Amelia ♥



  1. Efa Mc Dermott
    June 7, 2017 / 8:40 am

    Love this! Amelia is a beautiful girl and we love seeing her! Xx

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