10 Questions With The Founder of Zuu Dogwear

We caught up with the talented London based designer Katie. She recently started up her own dog clothing line inspired by street style!

Ameliathecav models ZUU Dog Wear

I never knew black would suite Amelia so well!! All about London Zuu x Growlees x Teddy Maximus x Smythson

Zuu Dogwear!

1. What Inspired you to start Zuu Dogwear?

Since I was little I have always been obsessed with dogs and everything about them. I have been going to Crufts every year since I was about 9 and I rarely walk past a dog on the street with out having to say hi. Another passion of mine has always been Fashion and Design. Following so many cool dog accessories pages on social media I realised that most of these brands were from America and Australia. After researching I really couldn’t find much with in the UK especially not with that cool, urban, fashionable edge to it. With my designs I am really inspired by street and skate wear but also making it cute for the doggies!

2. Do you have any dog style icons?

Ah of course! So many its hard to pick out my favourites! But I absolutely adore Suki from @sukiandthecity she is adorable with her tongue that pops out and her outfits are always very trendy and cool. I also love Ari from @honeyidressedthepug Ari + M are just amazing, the way they coordinate outfits and how they picture themselves together is just fabulous and he really is a cool dude. Another one of my favs is Winston from @winnythecorgi and cute Sidney from @sirsidneythepug. And how can I forget the lovely Amelia! who is so super gorgeous and beautiful!

Ameliathecav models ZUU Dog Wear

Looking so stylish everyone wanted a picture!

3. Is your background in Fashion?

So I studied Graphic Design at the Fashion Retail Academy by Tottenham Court Road. I was there for 3 years and loved it! It was a great mixture of design work and incorporating it into Fashion. I then went on to working and various fashion companies doing some design work, and still do free lance design as well as Zuu Dogwear!

4. Tell us more about your muse Mini!

Where to start with my Mini! Little Mini may be small but boy does she think she is a great dane. Mini is my shadow and she follows me everywhere even to the bathroom! I always have a pair of eyes following me with whatever I am doing. She is a Shihtzu which are just the funniest breeds they are so stubborn and wow is she a diva. If Mini wants it Mini will get it. She may be a girl but she is definitely a tom boy always in the bushes rolling around in mud. She is also a bit of a bully to our family dog Ted who is now 16 years old but still going very strong! He is also a Shitzu and if Mini is around she is constantly pestering him to play. Mr Ted has NONE of it.
Minis favourite things in life are belly rubs, chicken and sniffing butts!

Ameliathecav models ZUU Dog Wear

Hoodie Life

5. What’s a typical day like for you & Mini?

A typical day for Min and I would definitely start with Mini climbing on my head and waking me up with sniffs and kisses following by a 10 min belly rub to start the day! After having a Mini audience watching me get ready for the day we head to our Office in North London where all the fun stuff starts! Mini will also spend some part of her day modelling in our hoodies and boy does she love it! After work we head home and Mini will spend most of her evening barking at the treat cupboard whilst we have a stand off, which Mini almost ALWAYS wins. She will then unwind on the sofa whilst watching TV which she actually watches like a human its very funny! her fav program has got to be Supervet!
On a weekend Mini and I will probably spend it together going to pubs with friends (and fur friends) or walking round camden market together!

6. Do you have favourite places to shop in London?

In terms of high street shops I would have to say my favourites would be Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Zara I love Urban Outfitters loads especially all the bits and bobs they sell. I also love the brands Illustrated People and Ragged Priest they are really cool and urban love all their prints and designs.
I love love finding hidden gems whilst walking around little boutiques and vintage shops that have amazing one of pieces.

Ameliathecav models ZUU Dog Wear

Zuu Dog Wear looks pawfect with Growlees ! #LondonStyle

7. What about favourite dog stores in London?

I absolutely love Mungo and Maud I think their whole style is really classic and everything they sell is just beautiful. I also like Purple Bone and Bow Wow they both have some really great stuff. There is also a Dog Cafe and Boutique in Notting Hill called Verve which is really lovely and I mean a cafe for dogs! What more could you want!

8. Tell us your secret hide out!

Mini and I have a secret hide out near where we live. You have to have key to get into the gate and everyone who lives in the area gets one. It is a huge lake with a walking path all the way around. It is absolutely stunning and me and Min love walking round there. Its amazing to see such a large nature conservation in London its a little bit of peace!

Ameliathecav models ZUU Dog Wear

Perfect Activewear !

9. Whats next for Zuu Dogwear?

As we have only just launched there is a lot to look forward to with Zuu Dogwear! We are already looking into vests especially as we get into the warmer seasons and also bandannas! You will also be able to find us at Hounds In The Heath event on the 10th July and also Pup Aid on the 2nd September. We are hoping to have pop ups and host doggie events as well always coming up with new designs and styles for your pups!

10. What would you say to other inspiring Dogwear designers in London?

I would say go for it and don’t listen to other people especially not dog people as they do not get it at all! There is a great market and dog people really are the best we are all one big community sharing the same interest and thats the love of dogs!

Ameliathecav models ZUU Dog Wear

Our favourite hoodies!

Amelia & I are so impressed by the quality of the hoodies! Such an amazing new brand from the heart of London!

Thank you so much for our hoodies & for answering our questions Katie & Mini!

Check out Zuu Dogwear here


Eva & Amelia ♥


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