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Eva and Amelia's World Neoh & Nobo review

Picture Perfect

Dog Treats The Way You’ve Always Dreamed Them To Be

Ethical – Natural & Beneficial are the core principals driving Neoh & Nobo. Created by a small team of conscious dog owners for all pups and their owners out there. Neoh & Nobo is a brand new company that has been spreading around social media ever since it’s launch on 1st of May. Unsurprisingly they already ran out of stock & had a waitlist for dog’s peanut butter!

Their minimalist clean packaging fits into any stylist household & short shelf lives are a reminder of how natural the treats are. The more you begin to understand about processed food ( dog & human alike) the less you want to eat. It was only last year that I began cooking with coconut oil – and I’ve never looked back. Knowing the difference it made to my cooking I was so happy to see it in the Neoh & Nobo ingredients list!

Eva and Amelia's World Neoh & Nobo review

Treat Yo Pup

Gone are the days of dogs only getting processed meat treats that stink up the room. It’s really hard to believe that your dog will enjoy butternut & vanilla bean biscuits just as much as dried chicken. But seeing is believing! Amelia goes crazy for these biscuits. If you really start thinking about it, dog’s enjoy human food much more than their own. I wonder why it’s taken this long for companies to begin to creature human quality treats for dogs (& for owners to want to give them to their dogs!).

Eva and Amelia's World Neoh & Nobo review

We had so much fun photographing the treats !

Eva and Amelia's World Neoh & Nobo review

Cookies dipped in peanut butter – Amelia’s new favourite

Once you try the peanut butter you can really see why they were out of stock already! It’s made of only 3 ingredients – Organic coconut oil, organic peanuts & organic cinnamon! – I mean how delicious does that sound? Amelia was totally in love straight away. All Neoh & Nobo treats get “made to order” & come with a 4 week shelf life. Absolutely no preservatives.

Eva and Amelia's World Neoh & Nobo review

Perfect treats for a perfect girl

All of their dog treats sound & look so delicious it’s hard to resist having them yourself. I wonder if in the future they will expand and send out human & dog versions together. I would personally consider that heaven.

*hint hint* Neoh & Nobo ♥


Eva & Amelia ♥


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