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your london pet sitter

Your London Pet Sitter

Your London Pet Sitter is the only company I trust with Amelia

In London it’s so difficult to find a flat to rent with your dog. This is why Chelsea Bridge Wharf has become a dog owners haven with the entire development full of dog owners. One thing is for sure, while all of the residents are at work there is only one pet sitter looking after all the pets. Micaela came from Italy to London & started her company Your London Pet Sitter. A premier pet sitting service, she walks each dog on their own around the dog’s own neighbourhood. She is so good & trust worthy that all the residents of Chelsea Bridge Wharf trust her with their house keys & pets – as do so many others all around London.

Having seen her walking peoples dogs for years as if they were her own I already knew she is the best in the business. I too trusted her to come & walk my (at the time 2 dogs) Amira & Amelia. When I was still completing my degree we got to talking & she offered me a job. After working with the company myself I could see there was nothing to hide. This is the one company in London that has it’s pet sitters go from client to client around London taking the full time to look after each pet. I worked for maybe 6 months truly full time with the company – I used to travel all around London in zig zags to make sure I was at each pets home at the time we had agreed. Sometimes twice a day!

your london pet sitter

Micaela & Pepper

eva and amelia's world review your london pet sitter

Amelia LOVES Micaela (& pepper loves Amelia a little too much hehe)

Your London Pet Sitter Website 

your london pet sitter

Services !


Your London Pet Sitter

The Team! (We are there too!!)

While we don’t work with the team daily anymore we are still on the website & do occasionally have pets staying with us while their owners are on holiday! I don’t even let my partner walk Amelia… but I trust Micaela to look after her. She is honest, loves animals and is super careful & considerate. She only employs people she fully trusts & knows herself.

Check our their website here.


Eva & Amelia ♥



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